Amrapali hosted a Musical Evening with Vasu Dixit at the Jayanagar Store, Bengaluru

Bengaluru, Februaray 2020: Amrapali Jewels organized a special soirée with musical maestro Vasu Dixit for an evening to remember with music that touched the soul.  Translating the grandeur of Amrapali’s breathtaking new collection through melody that was enjoyed by one and all, the 31st of January was a celebration with notes of perfection.

An opportunity to bring Amrapali’s clientele together over an invigorating but also comforting session, the event aimed to applaud their second successful store in the city and thank the patrons for their love and support and was well received.

Tarang Arora, CEO and Creative Director of Amrapali Jaipur said “music has always been a beautiful way to connect to the heart and through this event we tried to capture the true essence of art by bringing its two forms – jewellery and music together. Vasu Dixit is definitely a catalyst in his right and it was an absolute pleasure to welcome him into our second store in Bangalore and watch as he mesmerized our audiences with his passion”

Music comes to Vasu as easily as jewellery designing comes to Tarang and the event was curated keeping in mind the union of both talents. Finding his soul in music, Vasu Dixit said “ Amrapali is a brand that defines the magnificence through which our rich Indian heritage comes alive through jewellery. Super excited to be a part of this musical evening, I was elated to see the guests enjoy the language of music in a beautiful setting”

Tucked in the heart of Bangalore, Amrapali’s second store in Bangalore is a striking 800 sq. ft. store which was designed in sync with the aesthetics of the brand. The store with its authentic mirror work and modern surface finishes, aimed to highlight the traditional charm in exactitude. Inspired from Jaipur’s iconic Hawa Mahal, the visual styling of the store narrated a story to every consumer and enhanced their shopping experience at Amrapali while the centre of the store turned into a stage for Vasu and his team. Singing folk songs like Pyaasi(Swarathma),RagiTandira,Tarakka and Bindige, guests like Author Sowmya Reddy Somanna,Vidya were seen appreciating and enjoying the show that Vasu and his team proudly put on.

 With its iconic pink and orange hues bedecked with white mirrors, the store transported the guests to the Pink Capital lending to the melodious aura of the event.

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