Realgard Introduces STABIPLUS; A First-Of-Its-Kind One-Stop Solution that Protects all Electronic Appliances and Lighting Products in a Home or Commercial Establishments

• Realgard to reach to over 20 districts in Karnataka over the next one year and increase retailer base to around 1000 • Realgard to establish an Energy Club to benefit and Empower Electricians- • Energy Efficient

Leading electrical original equipment maker (OEM) Realgard has launched Realgard Stabiplus, a breakthrough product in voltage stabilization for both households and commercial establishments. Stabiplus is a first-of- its-kind, centralised intelligent voltage protection device that eliminates the need for separate voltage stabilizers for refrigerator, television, air conditioner, laptop and other electrical equipment at homes. Stabiplus, which is equipped with an electrical distribution box with centralized voltage control system, is the latest product of Realgard, and has central government-approved patents. Stabiplus consumes less than 10 units of power per month and also reduces electricity wastage in different stabilizers at homes, thereby effecting savings by bringing down the electricity bill. “The main advantage of Stabiplus when compared to a regular stabilizer is that it is one- stop solution that protects all electronic appliances and lighting products in a home or commercial establishment.

It is a concealed centralized voltage protection system. For homes that currently use traditional electrical distribution boxes, there is a Stabiplus model that can be wired to the existing distribution box. For homes under construction, built in Stabiplus-wired distribution boxes can be used. Provision for fixing ELCB & MCBS will be available in these distribution boxesThese are available for single phase and three phase application. The product comes with a two-year warranty with strong customer support. In Stabiplus-wired distribution boxes, there is facility to connect ELCB and MCB. In case of any damage to the equipment, there is a bypass switch that can be activated without the help of an electrician” said B Sreekumar, Managing Director, Realgard Power Controls Pvt. Ltd. The adoption of centralized voltage control systems in all homes and commercial establishments can lead to the whole country benefitting from higher power savings and better power management systems. “Our aim is to extend our market reach to over 20 districts in Karnataka over the next one year and increase our retailer base to around 1000 and should have pan India presence by 2022.

We plan to make Stabiplus available at regular electrical outlets. Our products will also empower electricians such that it will bring the whole new area of voltage stabilization under their work ambit. We will also be establishing an energy club for electricians to become members for additional benefits. We will ensure that the special benefits of company offers on products are given to electricians. We will also conduct a series of training programs to improve the knowledge of electricians. In terms of new products, we intend to bring out at least one new electrical solutions for households and commercial establishments” Sreekumar added. Capacity of Realgard models range from 10KVA to 25KVA. Realgard Stabiplus will be available at retail electrical outlets across Bengaluru within one week and its price ranges from Rs 11990/- to Rs 39950/-.Zero cost EMI facility provided by Manappuram Finance Limited is available for the purchase of all models.

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