February is the month known for rare diseases and “29th is observed as Rare Disease Day”

Aasmaan Foundation Trust, a registered, not-for-profit, Voluntary Organisation is formed with a purpose to empower persons with disabilities by three individual friends. The NGO primarily emphasis to raise social awareness and support persons with disability in improving their quality of life by providing health care support, education, recreational activities, information of skill development programs, cover medical expenses and livelihood support. 

We persistently involved in conducting various fun activities and training sessions that enable them to be in an inclusive environment. In a way that ensures persons with disability are intellectually, physically and socially aroused to enhance their health and quality of life.

February is the month known for rare diseases and 29th is observed as Rare Disease Day. On this day we are going to introduce 35 differently-abled ramp models through 3 fashion shows with different themes. This event would help each individual develop self-awareness, self-care and enable the society that people with disabilities have access to equal rights and opportunities as everybody else. Through this event, we not only build confidence and self-esteem. We will also be creating a new perspective in society what beauty means and how grateful we are for our lives.

All 35 persons are warriors of different medical conditions (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Progeria, Hear and Speech Impairment, Tetra-Amelia Syndrome to name a few and they come from various family backgrounds). The event is choreographed by Rajesh Shetty – fashion designer for all the 35 differently-abled ramp models. Team thara doing a voilubteet

To accomplish the project, we need help from people like you to make it large!

Each ramp model expense comes around 25.000 INR (includes of their remuneration, costumes, travel, hospitality, training, education etc…)  

Any small amount would make a great difference!

Your presence and support will be a source of encouragement for the participants and the audience.
Through this event, if we raise a good amount of fund it will be used for our upcoming projects of Aasmaan Foundation.

1. To conduct similar shows at different states
2. Sponsor Persons with disability for their vocational training.
3. Cover medical expenses for persons with disability. 

Dhanya Ravi
Team Aasmaan

City Today News



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