Samsung Bets Big on Karnataka With Launch of Curd Maestro™, World’s First Refrigerator That Prepares Curd

The new 2020 range of refrigerators with Make for India innovations will help Samsung strengthen its market leadership in Karnataka

BENGALURU, India – February 19, 2020 – Samsung, India’s biggest and most trusted consumer electronics and smartphones brand, today unveiled the new Curd Maestro™ refrigerator in Karnataka. The latest refrigerator is the world’s first refrigerator that not only preserves food but also prepares it.

For generations, curd has been an essential condiment paired with varied Indian recipes across geographies; but curd preparation is demanding. Curd Maestro™, Samsung’s Make for India innovation, is resultant of the company’s deep understanding of Indian consumers’ needs over the years, and addresses the pain points of daily curd making. National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) has tested and recommended the process of curd making in Samsung’s Curd Maestro™.

As part of its new 2020 refrigerator line-up, Samsung also introduced India’s First Frost Free Refrigerator with Base Stand Drawer, in which you can store onions and potatoes, and India’s first five-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator lineup based on new 2020 Star Ratings. These new meaningful innovations are part of Samsung India’s ‘Make for India’ initiative based on consumer feedback and insight, and will help Samsung strengthen its market leadership in the state.

In Karnataka, four-star and five-star refrigerators contribute 31% to the business, growing at 24% year on year. This is the fastest growing segment in Karnataka. Contribution of Frost Free refrigerators in Karnataka stands at 40% as compared to 22% pan India, indicating consumers in Karnataka are early adopters of technology, and prefer to buy energy efficient products.

Delivering best in-class technology and India first innovations, Samsung has also addressed the aesthetics demands of the Southern markets with this new line up. In Bengaluru, floral patterns contribute 75% of Direct Cool refrigerator sales. The 2020 line-up comes with a new set of design patterns – Paradise Bloom, New Camellia, Wave and Mystic Overlay, adding to the aesthetics of the product.

“Karnataka is a key market for Samsung, and expect to grow 20% in the New Year, on the back of our exciting new line-up of refrigerators that includes our Make for India innovation Curd Maestro™. Convenience, storage space, energy efficiency and aesthetics are the key features consumers look for in a refrigerator, and our 2020 range addresses all these needs. We are confident the new range of refrigerators will further strengthen our market leadership in the state, taking our marketshare to 34% in 2020,” said Saurav Katyal, Director, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Over the years, Samsung has developed a strong distribution network. In Karnataka, Samsung currently has 1,100 stores from where Samsung refrigerators are sold. In 2020, the company will expand the number of stores to 1,400. It also has the largest customer service network in the industry in India, with 3,300 customer service points including 553 customer service vans that reach every corner of India.

2020 Refrigerator Line-up

Curd Maestro™: Innovation for Everyday Home
Curd Maestro™ refrigerator transcends the conventional refrigerator landscape in India beyond food storage and food preservation. Curd Maestro™ addresses the problems of curd making which are complex, time taking, and tricky, yet an essential food ingredient in an Indian household.

Curd Maestro™ refrigerator ensures that nothing comes in the way of you and your precious family time; enabling curd preparation in five to six hours — five hours for soft curd, six hours for thick curd. One needs to boil and cool the milk and mix the curd culture manually while Curd Maestro™ does the most crucial part of the job — fermentation. It will not only ferment the curd but will store it too. Curd Maestro™ makes curd with the same consistency each time and eliminates all the hassle of curd making in different weather conditions.

Curd Maestro™ refrigerators come with Samsung’s Smart Convertible 5 in 1 Twin Cooling technology and will be available in 244-litre, 265-litre, 314-litre and 336-litre capacities.

Smart Convertible 5in1 Twin Cooling refrigerators come with five modes — Normal, Extra Shopping, Vacation, Seasonal, and Home Alone. The conversion modes are not only the perfect solution to different storage needs but every mode also saves energy. Twin Cooling Plus™ is a truly independent cooling system, with separate airflows in both the fridge and freezer, preventing unpleasant smells from foods moving between the fridge and freezer.

Efficient Space, Design and Technology: Innovation catering to consumer needs

Frost Free Refrigerator with Base Stand Drawer
The latest line-up has been uniquely designed for extra capacity. Consumers can now store non-perishable vegetables in the Base Stand Drawer. This drawer gives the refrigerator a tall boy design preferred by Indian consumers. Catering to the need for varied designs and patterns, the line-up will be available in new design patterns, Paradise Bloom and Wave that add to the aesthetic value of the products and will be available in 253-litre capacity.

Single Door, Direct Cool Refrigerator
Samsung recently launched India’s first five-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators in line with new 2020 Energy norms with capacity of 198-litres.

A solution to long power cuts, the model comes equipped with digital inverter technology allowing the refrigerator to run on a home inverter as well as solar energy with reduced power consumption. The new lineup comes with 10-year warranty on the compressor and digital inverter technology with stabilizer free operations.

Under the ‘Make for India’ initiative, the 2020 line-up is uniquely designed for extra space and also sports the next-gen Horizontal Curve Door design along with the GARO handle, a first for the Indian market. The 2020 line-up comes with new set of design patterns — Paradise Bloom, New Camellia, Wave and Premium Steel — adding to the aesthetics of the product.

Price, Offers & Availability
Samsung’s new 2020 refrigerator lineup is available across all retail channels and on Samsung Shop and will range from INR 17,990 for the new 198-litre Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator to
INR 45,990 for the Smart Convertible 5in1 Refrigerator. Curd Maestro models will be priced between
INR 30,990 and INR 45,990.

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