We with Bengalureans have been fighting to #SaveBannerghatta and we will continue to do so. -Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF)

“Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) opposes the proposal to reduce Bannerghatta Eco Sensitive Zone

Farmers: “with the proposed Housing Board Surya City , there is a huge pressure from the Real estate and Mining mafia. We are getting life threats. We are living here since many generations and this land gives us our livelihood. We are not sure if the honourable CM knows about our plight or no. the government took oath to save farmers and now we see that the government itself is putting us into such a trouble. New Request the CM to save the ESZ and in turn save us”.

Mr. Babu, Hanumagiri Resident Welfare Association/ Lake Activist:  “Our basis rights are not considered. The water, the Oxygen is the basic need and this should be the priority for the Government. The bureaucracy and politicians must think about welfare of people and not succumb to the vested interests on lobbies. Their duty is to save the society . Who gave them right to take such decision to fragment our forest?”

Vijay Nishant, founder Project Vruksha:  #SaveBannerghatta…”The state government proposal to refuse the ESZ will Damage not only the city of Bengaluru, but also the biggest forest the city has. The damage will be unbearable. And it will kill the future of next generation. It’s complete hypocrisy of the State government .where it’s supporting the vested interest and Real estate lobby in the name of development and taking entire people of Bengaluru for a ride.

Harish Kumar, General Manager, Namma Bengamuru Foundation: “The greed of mining and real estate lobby has no bounds. They don’t realize that it is their own children’s health that they will put to risk. Bengaluru can’t be expanded infinitely, to cater to this greed. We with Bengalureans have been fighting to #SaveBannerghatta and we will continue to do so. We will take steps that are legally available as options and see if we can get this move of government stopped. We are hopeful that the Government will take cognizance of our plea. If nothing works, then we will think of going to courts if that is the only option”

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