State level Seminar on the Importance of SDMC &SDP Working towards SDG4: The 3Solution

RLHP with the support of WeWorld, organizing a State Level Seminar on the Importance of SDP & SDMC on 29th February 2020 at Indian Social Institute (ISI), Benson Town, Bangalore. Members from the Districts representative of SDMCS from across the state, likeminded individuals, academicians, NGOS, officials from the Education Department are coming together for the seminar and the discussions and recommendations will be presented to the Government to provide quality education to children through effective implementation of RTE.

Rural Literacy and health Programme (RLHP) a non-governmental organization, working for the development of the empowerment of marginalized communities,rehabilitation ofstreet children, women empowerment and community health for a sustainable development in the society. Through the child line 1098, the organization has been addressing the issues of children who are in difficult circumstances. So far the organization has expanded its programmes to 60 slums, 130 villages in 8 districts of Karnataka State.

Though, India has signed the International Convention on the Rights of Children in 1992 and has declared to recognize people below the age of 18 years as children and provide them care and protection, ensure the right to participation, right for development, yet even today, education has been a far away dream for children from themarginalized and poor communities. As per the ILO survey 8.8 million children who belong under the age 14 are out of the school. In Karnataka, only 12.7% of RTE had been implemented, and also 2850 government schools are on the verge of shutting down. Education is a basic right of every child, but in our country child labour is so rampant and it is a curse to the society.

Objective of the seminar: SDMC and SDP played a key role in the effective implementation of RTE act. In order to share the experience (evidence based) with the project intervention and to encourage other government schools to replicate this model for a sustainable development.

The state level seminar would help for a larger level advocacy for the SDMC and SDP. The state level networks and authorities would give more reach for the model across the state and the seminar may encourage other government schools to adopt the model for the development of children as well as schools We have a developing tools to implementing 3S solutions one of them hand book for PTM That is going to simple guide for parents’ teachers and HM to actively participate learning outcome for their children. Government schools.

RLHP with the support of We World GVC (We World is working for the development of vulnerable children and women in 29 different countries including India) working with 12 government schools of Mysore since last five years to ensure the children are getting an easy access towards the quality education through different methodologies In the course of our five years programme

we were able to reach more 8000 vulnerable children and their families from 20 urban and suburban areas of Mysore, In order to make an effective participation of SDMC and implementation of SDP, RLHP capacitated and strengthened the SDMC members through trainings, workshops, seminars and exposure visits on the importance of SDP and quality education with community and school authority’s participation. RLHP has identified more than 1000 children with learning deficits through conducting child assessment under the five Pillars of development (Health and Physical Development, Play and Cognitive, Communication and Literacy development, Social and Emotional development, Sensory and Motor Development) and developed Individual Education Plan (IEP) forthe deficit children with the support of teachers and parents. And conducting regular and effective PTM to evaluate the progress of the children’s health, education and overall development, as an impact of Parents Teachers Meeting, Individual Education Plan and individual attention to the child at school, family and community level led to the development of learning ability of the children from government schools.

Saraswathi Director-RLHP,Mysore

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