Greetings from Ananda Social Education Trust

Ananda Social & Education Trust was started during 1980 as the brin child
of Dr. L Shivalingaiah under the guidance and blessings of sri R. Funda
Rao, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and Sri. B. Shankarananda,
Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare Govt of India.
As, Dr. L. Shivalingaiah was in service, he included friends like Dr. N.T
Mohan, H.S Shivaswamy, M.H Jayaprakash Narayan, B. Gopalaiah, P.L
Nanjundaswamy, M.K Kempasiddaiah, A.D Kuberappa alias V.S Kuber and
S. Guruppaji as Trustees
Presently the trust A S & E under its umbrella runs Dr. B.R Ambedkar
Medical college, Mathrushri Ramabhai Ambedkar Dental College and DR.B.R Ambedkar  College of Nursing.
Unfortunately, four Senior Trustees passed away and the remaining
founder Trustees inducted their children into the trust to develop second line of able administration for the Trust and its institutions.
At this juncture Mr. Mallikarjun kharge master minded and threatened few Sr. Trustees and got his Son-in-law Radhakrishna into the Trust during the year 2000 But unfortunately, it was only a minority of trustees who had agreed hence he was removed from the Trust during the year 2001
Later again Mr. Mallikarjun kharge master minded with vengeance and got an administrator posted through his friend and colleague H.C Srikantaiah,Revenue Minister. The Senior founder Trustees filed a writ petition No.29684/2003 before the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka and succeeded in removing the administer appointed by the Government to the Trust illegally

During the year 2003 Mr. Mallikarjun kharge used his political clout, arm
twisted and threatened the Trustees with dire consequences if they did not
induct his son-in-law into the trust immediately. The Trustees succumbed
to the pressure and inducted Radhakrishna to the Trust again.
Radhakrishna was running a petty business of cooking Gas Agency namely M/s Kaniska Gas Agency, Bellary Raod, Gangangar , Bangalore Till date the Trust does not even know his antecedents, educational qualification and other details even through several requests and reminders and reminders have been sent by the Trust.
Radhakrishna after entering I to this trust, thorugh political clout of his
father-in-law Mr. Mallikarjun kharge, has brought in divide and rule policy.
The Senior Trustees who did not listen to him, were harassed through the employees by filling false and frivolous cases in the courts and getting Income tax and other authorities to raid, Also master minded in keeping the
Senior away from the institutions.
He in turn joined hands with two senior trustees and two Junior trustees.
V.S Kuber and S.Guruppaji, H.S. Mahadev Prasad and Dr. Muruli Mohan,
V.S. Kuber, S. Guruppaji and H.S. Mahadev Prasad are with Criminal back grounds. He is not only using them at his whims and fancies for his gains but also they have joined hands with Radhakrishna in swindling the
institutions to the tune of hundreds of Crores. Properties have been
acquired in their families and their benami names.

The Senior Founder Trustees were all deprived of their posts as Chairmen
and other administrative posts of the Instituions As per High Court Direction
“One year One Post” was totally ignored Radhakrishna Continued as
Chairman of the Medical College for three years ie., 2009, 2010 & 2011.
Radjakrishna never gave proper accounts to the Trust till date. He has not
only manipulated all the accounts but also forged documents to do
management admissions, Radhakrishna is accused No.2 in the Medical Comed-K, Seat Blocking Scam. The D.J.Halli Police, Bangalore, filed an F.I.R against him vide Criminal Case No.280/2014, dated 22.08.2014,
which involves misuse of 51 crores. He managed and obtained ‘B’ Report
by the CCB Police by utilizing his political influence but the Magistrate
Court cancelled the ‘B’ Report filed by the CCB Police, Bangalore and
investigation is under process. Also he manipulated in the Marix colliding
with Principal Dr. S.V. Divakar and Broker Amanulla. He tampered with the documents and cheated deserving students. He paid them some monies to the Benamistudents and admitted undeserving students who had failed but got pass certificates from Jharkhand and other places with huge donations, this brought the quality of education of the institutions to all time low.
Radjakrishna again continued his domination in the Trust and managed in becoming the Chairman of the Medical College, from 2016 to 2019 (4
Years). During the above said period Radhakrishna recived cash, DD and
cheque from the students admitted to Medical College, but has not
submitted the accounts to the tune of hundred’s of Crores till date. Also, he
is not concerned or bothered about the development of the Institution.

The Senior Founder Trustee like V.S. Kube, S.Guruppaji and Junior trustee
Mr. H.S. Mahadev Prasad are in collusion with Radhakrishna and helped him not looting the monies but also involved in misusing the funds of the institutions to their gains too.
It is learnt from reliable sources, that last year crores of rupees was paid by
Medical, Dental and Nursing Colleges accounts to Sri. Priyanka Kharge for
his MLA election expenses. Even since past time three months the funds
have been drawn and supplied to Sri. Mallikarjun Kharge and Lok Sabha
By untiring this opportunity V.S. Kuber misused Crores of rupees from
Medical, Dental and Nursing Collegees and made several properties in the
nameof his daughter jyothi, and his son-in-law Shiva Kumar by purchasing an apartment near ISCON Temple, Bangalore, worth crores. V.S.Kuber also
purchased about 50 acres of Land and converted into a farm at Kudlige,
Bellary District. Apart from the above he has made several site, houses, in
the name of his other sons, daughters, son in laws., relatives and other
Benami names. V.S.Kuber is running a Travel Business at 1st Block,
Rajajinagar in the name of his Son in law Shivakumar, M/S Classic Tours
and Travels.
S. Gurappaji, Senior Founder trustee transferred Rupees Four Cross fifty
lakhs funds belonging to Medical college to Australia for his daughter
kavitha Guruppaji, who was involved in a Drugs Scam. The above said four
corers fifty lakhs was transferred from India to Australia under the Trust and institution accounts through Amaanulla khan, Dr. S.V Divakar, Dr. Amika
Divakar, Nagendra, Driver of Guruppaji, Manjunath Contractor, Investigation is under process at the income Tax Department but
Radhakrishna is helping S. Guruppaji, by using his Political influence to
delay any action.
It is learnt from reliable sources that S. Guruppaji again transferred rupees
two crores from the M.R Ambedkar Dental college funds to Australia to help his daughter overcome the Scam, through relatives of Dr. S.V Divakar,
principal, Dr. B.R Ambedkar Medical College Sri. Chidananda Engineer,
R.L Nagaiah, retd Manager, of the trust and Y.L Kalasappa Retd.
Employee Dental College.
The above said acts of Guruppaji comes under FEMA Act which can dealt under the criminal Act. Many complaints lodged before the income Tax, CCB, ED, CBI, and concerned Ministry, but so far no action has been
taken against the S. Guruppaji is most unfortunate.
H.S Mahadev Prasad, a junior trustee also looted several crores of rupees
belonging to Medical, Dental and Nursing colleges, and made several
properties out of the institutional funds. He admitted his daughter and his relatives for MBBS & post Graduate course under the Mangement Quota in Dr. B.R Medical Ambedkar Medical college and collected only fees. This
resulted in a huge financial loss to the institution. A show-case notice
issued to him by the then managing Trustee V.S Kuber is self explanatory
about the misdeeds omission and commission committed by Mahadev
Prasad. Dr. S.V Divakar, was, a poor student, who was given a management seat
atthe Medical College He further approached for PG seat also from the
Mangement, which was also considered Later he served as Lecture, Asst.professor, professor, Medical Superintendent, RMO and the Princpal of Medical College by virtue of his proximityto Guruappaji and V.S Kuber and not on hi sMerit, academic or his professional performance etc.
It is most uinfotunate that Dr. S.V Divakar, being an employee filed sevetal cases against the Mangement before the Civil Court, High Court and
Supreme Court at the instance and instigation by V.S Kuber, Senior
Trustees of the trust.
Dr. S.V Divakar is also running Real Estate Busines, with the Medical
College Funds with his partner Mr. Javeed Ahmed Dr. Divakar is a sleeping partner 60% Hehas acquired several properties land, sites apartments etc,
in and around Bangalore City worth hundred,s of cores.
AmannullaKhan, Ex-PRO of the Trust, was involved in misusing the
institution funds by manipulating and joining hands with few trustees with
criminal background. In the name of MCI, DCI, Court Cases, and other
matters, Amaanulal khan is main accused in transferring rupees sixty lakhs from is account to Kavitha Guruppaji,s account in Australia . the
investigation is under pricess at income Tax Department
Amaanulla Khan is accused No. 1 in the Medical Comed-k, Seat Blocking
Scam in Dr. B.R Ambeskar Medical College the D.J Halli Police, Bangalore,
filled an F.I.R against him vide Criminal Case No. 280/2014,
dated:22.08.2014 which involves misuse of 51 Crores. Amannullakhan was arrested by the CCB police and put in jail for one month and released on bail. The case is under process before the CCB and in Magistrate Court.
The Senior Founder Trustees of Anand Social and Educational Trust
comprising of P.L. Nanjunda Swamy, M.K. Kempasiddiah & Dr.L.Shivalingaiah, convened the Trust Meeting on 24.01.2019 and
11.04.2019 keeping in view of the development of the institutions, which are lagging behind compared to the Institutions established along with our institution. With our Institution . with an intenation to entrust the responsibilities of the Executive Post to the Second line of leadership.
Further it was unanimously resolved that all the three Senior founder
Trustee agreed to be in the Trust ap. Further it was unanimously resolved
that all the three Senior founder Trustee agreed to be in the Trust ap.
Further it was unanimously resolved that all the three Senior founder
Trustee agreed to be in the Trust ap. Further it was unanimously resolved
that all the three Senior founder Trustee agreed to be in the Trust as
Chairman, Manging Trustee and the Treasurer and also as Advisors to the
younger trustees to manange and develop the institution named after Great leader Vharat Ratna Dr. B.R Ambedkar.
Hence it is unanimously resolved to allocate the duties and responsibilitiesbas office bearers of the Trust/institution for the year 2019 to 2020 is as noted below the Trust notification to this affect is already issued onb11.04.2019
Chairman – P.L Najunda Swamy
Managing Trustee – Dr. L.S Shivalingaiah
Treasurer – M.K Kempasiddaiah

Chairman – M.k Shiva Kumar
Chairman – DR. G. Hari Murthy
Chairman – Dr. Kailash N
Secretary – Dr. N.T Murali Mohan
On the charges of misuse of Funds belonging to medical Dental and
Nursing Colleges in Various Anti Trust Activities it is unanimously decided
and resolved not to entrust any duties and responsibilities in the
Trust/Institution to V.S Kuber, S. Guruppaji, senior Trustee, Radhakrishna, H.S Mahadev Prasad, Junior Trustees, it is also resolved to conduct an
enquiry against the above said trustees by a Retd District Judge, under the provisions of the prevailing Trust Rues & Regulations and in accordance with the procedure known to law.

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