The Asian Pink Ribbon Breast cancer care are launching a “Mammography centre”

The Asian Pink Ribbon Breast cancer care will be hosting a digital Mammography setup, Tomosynthesis and a stereotactic biopsy centre, headed by a qualified expert Breast Radio-oncologist. This is an important milestone in the area of service to breast cancer patients. They will be conducting a conference on “Breast diseases- Radiology” on 1st May 2020 & The entire project cost is Rs.2.5 Crores.

To share their expertise in the field with the medical fraternity. Their services will be provided free of cost to very deserving people, in connection to women’s day, as Women are the pivot around whom the family revolves. “We see about 1,60,000 cases of Breast cancer every year, out of which 50% patients die due to cancer. This is a huge burden on the society. Let us join hands to help, fight this disease” as said by Dr. Ashu Shah.

ASHU SHAH CANCER Foundation has generously supported to start this Centre. They thank their founder Dr. Ashu Shah, their board members Mr. Amit Gupta ,Mr. Ashok Ranka, Mrs. Neelu Gupta, Mr. Parvesh Jain Mr. Hitesh Kothari & our Ambassador Mrs. Kajol Bhatia for their immense generosity towards this cause.

Breast cancer : awareness about causes, screening, treatment and prevention. Breast cancer rates are growing steadily worldwide and also in India. It accounts for about one third of all the cancers of women (25 to 32%). It is estimated that about 1.6 to 1.8 lac women are diagnosed with Breast cancer every year in India. The incidence of breast cancer in the age group of less than 50 years has doubled as compared to 25 yrs ago along with increase in mortality by 13% in last 5 yrs. About 50% patients present in advanced stages. There are many risk factors for breast cancer, like female gender, increasing age, use of hormonal pills, obesity, alcohol, smoking, delayed age of first pregnancy, strong family history of breast cancer etc. Breast cancer does not produce any specific symptoms. A Painless lump noticed in breast, change in size and consistency of breast, skin changes- thickening, are some of its symptoms. Advanced stages present with pain and swelling of the hand.

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