TTK Prestige launches smart induction cooktop for the home chef who likes to multi-task

Bangalore April 2020: Are you always pressed for time? Do you like to multi-task in the kitchen? If so, you are in for a treat. India’s number one kitchen appliances brand, TTK Prestige has launched the PIC 31.0 innovative induction cooktop, a first in India with its a pre-set pressure cooking menu that does all the cooking for you.

This revolutionary feature means that you can cook various dishes with an ‘automatic whistle counter’ that can sense your pressure cooker’s activity and automatically switches to the ‘keep warm’ mode. The most exciting part of this cooktop is the auto pressure cooking mode, which is a smart pre-set feature that lets you cook various dishes automatically by just pressing a Auto P C mode menu button on the control panel. For instance, Cooking rice has never been this easy. All you need to do is select the rice function from the Auto PC Menu options and the cook-top will start functioning. After the cooker gives one whistle, the two dots on the display will start flashing, the timer function will get activated and start decreasing. At the end of the time, the cooktop will go to auto keep warm mode, to ensure the rice stays hot.

Prepare to be spoilt for choice with a diverse menu ranging from rice, sambhar, gravy, rajma, channa, pongal, khichdi, chicken and any other meat on demand. This is a must-have kitchen appliance for the busy home cook who is burning the candle at both ends and takes away the hassle of having to count the number of whistles. The intelligent pre-set feature allows you adjust the setting in seconds, thus saving you time. The design ensures the elimination of magnetic energy and hence you can enjoy a healthy meal without any magnetic or radiation hazards.

The cooktop retails for INR 3995 and is  available for purchase at Prestige Xclusive stores and leading dealer outlets across the country. The PIC 31.0 come with a one year guarantee.

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