CMRIT produces protective face shield for COVID-19 warriors

Face shield costs Rs 30 and can be fabricated rapidly to meet nation’s demand

Bengaluru: With the nation’s healthcare fraternity facing shortage in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to tackle Covid-19, Bengaluru-based CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) has developed a face shield that can be mass-produced rapidly and at a low cost.

The face shields can be worn over regular masks to protect Covid-19 warriors like healthcare workers, police personnel, volunteers and workers of the civic agencies. OHP sheet, plastic tube and elastic bands have been used to develop the face shield.

The first batch of 300 face shields, fabricated by five students and staff of the CMRIT, were donated to the Bengaluru Police.

“CMRIT has been at the forefront of innovation and the situation provided a good opportunity for students to develop a product for the benefit of society. Face shield is the first of such products from CMRIT. Many such innovations are in the pipeline,” said Dr. Sanjay Jain, Principal, CMRIT.

This shield (Rs 30 per unit) has been developed in collaboration with ANSU 3D Tech Pvt Ltd Bangalore and the design of the face shield was inspired by Pune’s Venture Center and Maker Asylum of Mumbai.

CMRIT faculty members involved in the face shield project, Dr Sagar Baligidad and Anjan Kumar, said, “These face shields must be mass produced rapidly and at a low cost because they are disposable. Our technique combines low-cost materials with a high-rate of manufacturing that has potential of meeting the need for face shields nationwide.”

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