Sashwata Bandhana – Airtel supports its partners (distributors )  through their support 

programs in Karnataka 

                                                           ( Letter by C Surendran, CEO – Karnataka, Bharti Airtel Ltd  – Attached )  

Bengaluru, 23rd April 2020 : In such unprecedented situation we are all seeing a sharp drop in business during this lock down period. This disruption has impacted many other categories in much worse ways. This sudden lockdown has also reduced returns of the

Airtel distributors , partners, franchises during April.

In order to help its partners . distributors  in Karnataka  tide over this tough time, Airtel has extended a onetime support for the month of April 

This is done with an endeavour to ensure that the partners and other such front line resources get their basic income. Therefore passing the base monthly pay to all partner staff for the month of April said C Surendran, CEO – Karnataka, Bharti Airtel Ltd

Airtel is offering below programsfor all its distributors/ franchises :

a) Airtel Child Scholarship

b) Airtel ki Ladli (Daughter’s Thanks Program)

c) Anmol Ratna and

d) Yuva Ratna.

They have also recently covered all Field Sales executives under the covid-19 medical insurance program as a gesture of our gratitude towards this force.

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