Home Credit introduces health and wellness initiatives for employees amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

– Keeping well-being of its employees as the focus, special initiatives being undertaken like mindfulness sessions, online doctor consultation, awareness trainings & sessions on COVID-19, children welfare

New Delhi, April 24, 2020: Home Credit India (HCIN), a local arm of the international consumer finance provider with operations spanning over Europe and Asia, has introduced a spree of activities for the wellness of their employeesduring the COVID lockdown. Under the campaign #TogetherWeWin, a plethora of activities like mindfulness sessions, doctor consultations, online counselling, COVID-19 awareness drive, and welfare sessions for children are being organized for employees. 

Daily mindfulness sessions are held to ensure mental well-being of employees. This is important as this is the first time that employees are working from home for a prolonged time durationwhich can impact their mental well-being and behaviour. Sessions are conceptualized for employees to build their mental strength and control anxiety during this challenging period.

A 24X7 helpline for Home Credit employees in distress who seek for online/telephonic counselling for any kind of emotional orpsychological disturbances is yet another step from Home Credit. Employees can register on 1to1Help.net toreceive the best of expert advices to help them ride through the crisis. 

To help ensure the safety of the families and loved ones, Home Credit is conducting regular trainings and sessions for its employees. These are divided under 6 modules including, characteristics of a Pandemic, COVID-19 symptoms, how to stop spread of the virus, Myths Vs Facts, COVID-19 Insurance for HCIN employees and information sources.

Other key initiatives like webinar sessions on assisting employees for the wellness of their children, helping pregnant employees with appropriate guidance, have also been introduced. 

Home Credit has pioneered the cause of employee safety since the start of this pandemic. The company introduced a special COVID-19 hospitalization cover of Rs 5 lakh per employee. Any employee who tests COVID-19 positive and requires immediate hospitalization is eligible to avail this insurance plan.

Take care of your health by sitting at home and consulting a general physician online. Home Credit also offers free online doctor consultations.

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