Amid Lockdown, Highway Delite brings you Audio guides feature to Listen about Tourist Places from your home

Bangalore April 28th 2020: Highway Delite, a tech travel startup, that provides information of verified highway pitstops and wayside amenities across 60,000+KMs in India, is offering audio guides feature for more than 35 famous temples and historic places of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The initiative is joint effort of highway delite and Pinakin, an audio guide content-basedstart-up. Both start-ups are part of Govt of Karnataka Tourism Challenge funded start-ups programme.

The current lockdown has put people at homes and highway delite team thought of giving people and history enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the richness, history, and associated mythologies of the places and getting to know more about these places form the comfort of their homes. People can experience the basic introduction of each of the places free of cost and only who are interested to know in depth about the place and specific locations/ monument in the place can use the paid subscription, which is also priced for just Rs 49 for full one year and gives access to all the 35+ places recordings.The initiative of audio guide is also to make people eager and encourage them to visit and experience the places physically once the lockdown is lifted.

The audio guide feature has added more than 17 places across Karnataka including Mysore Palace, Hampi, Aihole, Badami, Gol Gumbaz and more. Further, there are more than 15 places across Tamilnadu including Meenakshi Temple, Mahabalipuram, and Kanchipuram temples. The audio guide feature is also available in four languages including English Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil.The audio guides have combined history, mythology, science and architecture in a simple language that from a child to a senior citizen, all will easily understand.

“We always wanted to add audio guide feature in highway delite and this lockdown has given us the right opportunity to add this feature make people appreciate the audio medium, where they can experience and learn more about these places by listening to audio guides from the comfort of their homes, and I believe once people visit these beautiful temples and monuments, they will view them with learned lenses and appreciate the richness and real depth of the culture, architecture and background”, said Rajesh Ghatanatti, Founder, Highway Delite.

“Every temple and monument is a repository of history, a treasure house of our vibrant rituals and customs and beautiful culture and add to it the splendid architecture and the myriad stories…but all the marvel is getting lost over a period of time. With the audio guide, we hope to change the way people think about these palces”, said SrikanthIyer, Founder, Pinakin.

People can download highway delite app from both Play store (Android Users) and App store (iPhone Users).

For Any Queries:  contact Rajesh -9986019068/

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