Dr.Deevish N D. A Bangalore doctor builds UV products to fight the war against corona

Dr.Deevish N D., a plastic surgeon cum medical device enthusiast based out of Bangalore. He did his MBBS and MS from Bangalore Medical College and M.Ch plastic surgery from St. John’s Medical College. He has also done his Stanford India Biodesign fellowship from Stanford University and AIIMS Delhi in the year 2014.
He practices plastic surgery at his clinic ‘Healios Rajajinagar’ and visits few pvt hospitals. He also have a startup called Innodeev solution pvt ltd and is working on a wound management device, funded by BIRAC, a central govt initiative.

He has been working on a wound healing device using UVC for quite some time until the pandemic started. UVC has a great potential to control the spread of corona virus by inactivating it at the RNA level. Exposure to a specific dose of UVC radiation results in formation of uracil dimers because of which the virus gets inactivated and is unable to replicate and cause infection. This technology is been used since many years to disinfect operation theatres and research labs but has gained popularity due to the recent outbreak of COVID. There are a number of articles online to confirm the efficacy of UVC on coronavirus and a recent US study has confirmed its effectiveness in inactivating the current coronavirus strain. A company called UVD robots has a robot which goes around to disinfect the OTs and hospital wards but is quite expensive (about 50-60 lakhs). A number of them are being used in various other parts of the world now to control the spread of corona.

So he thought of making his own. It is not an invention, its just a device developed using some basic electronic knowledge by himself alone in his clinic over 3 weeks. Only the software coding was helped by his friend Mr.Manoj who is currently held up at his native place in Udupi. The device is controlled using any android smartphone. He has planned to further develop it in the next few weeks and collaborate with other tech companies to get it to mass production soon. The final device would be able to disinfect a standard operation theatre within 5 minutes. As it can harm the virus, it can harm humans too if they are directly exposed to the light. Direct exposure to eyes can cause a condition called ‘photokeratitis’ and even cataract in long term. Exposure to skin can cause skin irritation and peeling similar to sunburn. Therefore no-one should be around when the device is in use and must be operated remotely.

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