Fortis Hospital, Rajajinagar conducts COVID-19 screening for BBMP workers

Bangalore, May 08, 2020: Fortis Hospital, Rajajinagar has taken up a month-long initiative to conduct COVID-19  screening for BBMP workers. The screening comprises a temperature check, BP, GRBS, and pulse by the paramedical staff. The effort would help identify the initial signs of COVID-19.

Additionally, they would also be educated on the importance of adopting hygiene measures,  such as washing and sanitizing hands, avoiding touching of the face, and wearing a mask when on duty in order to avoid spreading of the virus.  

The screening will be conducted at 7 check post areas, namely: Nagpura Ward No 67 on 8th and 9th, Vrushabhavathi Ward No 102 on 11th and 12th, Mahalakshmipuram ward No – 68 on 13th and 14th, Shankaramatta Ward No -75 on 15th and 16th, Nandhini layout ward No – 43 on 18th and 19th, Marappanapalya ward No -44 on 20th and 21st and Shakthi Ganapathi,  Ward NO -74 on 22th and 23th.  

Fortis believe in extending their care and services to the front line workers on duty and aim at ensuring their safety while they safeguard the public health in the time of the COVID-pandemic. 

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