Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa held a meeting with ministers and officers today at his home office Krishna and discussed about preparedness for quarantining Kannadigas returning from other States and countries.

Opinions expressed in the meeting are as follows:

· Kannadigas returning from other states must come under certain system.

· They must register online.

· Only those who were stranded in other states due to lockdown to be allowed.

· They must inform their place of arrival and date while registering.

· They will be allowed according to the availability of quarantining facilities.

· They won’t return to their villages on arrival.

· All those who arrive shall be kept under quarantine for 14 days.

· Only those who are ready to undergo quarantine must register their names.

· State will reimburse the train fare for those who return from other states by train.

· They must be tested for Covid 19, even if they were tested in other state.

· If someone dies in other state, their body shall not be brought to the State. Their last rites shall be performed, wherever they are.
If people die in state, whether they are outsiderz or insiders. Their last rites will be done at the place where they die.

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