Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa’s presentation during the Prime Minister’s Video Conference with Chief Ministers

  • THE 4 ‘T’ PRINCIPLE OF KARNATAKA GOVT – Ever since the very beginning our State has emphasized on Tracing, Tracking, Testing and Treating; This approach of our government has largely contributed in keep the Numbers comparatively low.
  • LAB FACILITIES – Our government has increased the number of testing facilities on war footing – There were only 2 labs with a testing capacity of about 300 per day in February and today we have 35 labs with a testing capacity exceeding 6000 tests per day. Our state recently crossed the 1 lakh tests milestone. We are on track to set up 60 labs by this Month End.
  • ILI AND SARI SCREENING – Till date the Government through detailed survey has identified and tested 4419 SARI cases and 12,525 ILI cases in the state for COVID-19.
  • ONLINE TRAINING – Through our Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, we have completed online training of 93,723 healthcare personnel across the state and have them ready to face any situation.
  • AROGYAS SETU –A total of FIFTY EIGHT LAKH TEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN (58,10,813) persons have downloaded the ArogyaSetu app in Karnataka. The ArogyaSetu has been integrated with ApthaMitra for telephonic monitoring and treatments of suspect cases.
  • It is vital to educate the population with the right positive messaging.
  • COVID-19 is unfortunately becoming a stigma in the minds of the people and it is our collective responsibility to educate the people that Corona virus is just like any other virus or flu, but it spreads more and effects people with co morbidity, who need to be protected.
  • We propose to do away with District WiseRed, Orange and Green Zones. Only containment zones have to be identified and strictly cordoned. 50 to 100 meters around known clusters may be declared as containment zones. Commercial activities including public transport to be allowed in Non-Containment Zones.
  • All Domestic and International travel should not be permitted at least till the end of May.
  • International Travelers – All international travelers will be placed under compulsory institutional quarantine for 14 days.
  • Inter State Travelers – All interstate travelers will be placed under compulsory institutional quarantine and tested.
  • All interstate travelers should be issued a health clearance certificate at the place of origin of journey by local authorities/Hospital, those without a health clearance certificate to be placed under compulsory quarantine.
  • To establish a Nation Wide testing guideline – To determine minimum number of tests per million to be carried out in each state. We must only test those with symptoms and need hospitalization.
  • We must make Tele-Medicine the new protocol to approach this Pandemic. Only those with severe Symptoms should be hospitalized.
  • Commercial Activity: To resume all economic activities in stand-alone establishments and continue the restrictions on Malls, Cinema Halls, Dining facilities and establishments with centrally controlled Air Conditioning.
  • We must advise persons above 60 years and persons below 10 years to remain indoors and to stay protected. Especially people with comorbidity have to protected with utmost care.

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