Founders Dr.Amjad & Dr.Ambanna Gowda of Citizen Hospital inKalasipalya, Bengaluru along with Local Leader Mr.SyedAsif Ali, Distributing 750 Food Packets from past 45 days

Times of crisis, it is said, brings out the best in us. As India goes
through the world’s biggest lock down, every day people are turning into real life heroes. Heroes who are ensuring that hundreds and thousands of poor, migrant labourers who were struck with pandemic effects as crowded KR Market hotels and Road side eateries shut down
and no where to go?

Founders Dr Amjad , Dr Ambanna gowda of Citizen hospital in Kalasipalya, Bengaluru with the help of locally active leader mr Syed
Asif Ali got the idea of helping out by arranging up a team and they have been feeding and distributing the food packets to the people during the past 45 days nearly about 750 food packets distributed every day.

Daily expenses was around 2000 per day, From hiring a cook and
procuring food essentials items to cook which has been arranged with the help of local community people, who helped a major role also in distributing of food packets by Scouting the surrounding area people
who were starving and helplessness. We also started educating them about social distancing and hand hygiene methods to follow in day
today activities of life Dr Gowda said.

City Today News



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