Humble Request to Shri Dr. C. N. Ashwathnarayan ji,Dy-CM,Karnataka, To make India as “Global Electronics Manufacturing Hub”

Request to make India as “Global Electronics Manufacturing Hub”

Dear Sir;
India is being seen as a solid alternate global manufacturing destination worldwide going forward, that also recently pointed out by Honorable Union Minister Shri Ravishankar Prasad Ji. In this regard, in addition to his point, I would like to express my views that there are other niche and emerging fields to consider, such as Semiconductor Technology, Digital Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace Engineering, Embedded Systems and Medical Devices.
Under the “Make in India” movement, I would like to kindly request you to extend the scope of this initiative for the above mentioned fields as well, by which India can produce electronic products and self sustained instead of importing them, even can be exported and theirby improve the Indian economy significantly. In addition to this, it will also create huge opportunities of employment and will induce the usage of Swadeshi Electronic Products.
To materialize this new intiative, there are ample of resources available in India as listed below:
Technically qualified highly skilled and well-experienced talent pool.
Knowledge centers like IISc, IITs, NITs, IIITs, Premier Engineering colleges, Semiconductor Technology firms and Aerospace Technology Industries can be used as CoE (Center of Excellence) for the support of Technology and resources.
Taking a step further, I propose two locations in Karnataka, which I feel, are the most suitable for this initiative.
1) Alamatti outskirt area and 2) Mysore.

The above mentioned locations have advantages as below.
Alamatti outskirt area (located In between Vijayapura and Bagalakot districts of Karnataka state) is the potential destination for establishing Global Electronics Manaufacturing Hub as Almatti Dam is the main reservoir of the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project located at Nidgundi, Vijayapura district, Karnataka – Can provide surplus of water.
Kudgi(NTPC) – Super Thermal Power Station is a power station located at Kudgi village of Basavana Bagewadi Taluk in Vijayapura district, Karnataka – Can provide continuous power supply.
Alamatti outskirt area is central place for Belagavi, Hubli-Dharwad and Kalaburgi districts. Land availability at a reasonable price, and lower operating cost, less area constraint, least pollution, enough talent pool, this place has a location advantage as it is in the neighborhood cities like Hyderabad, Goa, well connectivity with Bombay and Pune.
Mysore city– It is also the potential destination for large scale electronics manufacturing units as the small and medium scale electronics manufacturing industries already functioning there; also has well-built infrastructure, land availability at a reasonable price, airport availability, enough talent pool and lower operating cost, less area constraint, least pollution and second biggest city for IT & BT in Karnataka.
These points are the key attractive points to consider Almatti outskirt area (located In between Vijayapura and Bagalakot districts) or Mysore as a Global Electronics Manufacturing Hub.
The above specified resources can act as a catalyst for the fast growth of the electronics manufacturing hub; CoEs can be used for active collaboration between industries and universities for more productivity. The Government has to play an important role to identify Investment opportunities through enabling attractive facilities and also encourage Investors by bringing out favorable policies, provide incentives and tax benefits to bringing more startups.
This initiative can be best implemented by taking inputs from Intellectuals – IISC, IIT, NIT professors, Scientists, Semiconductor Technology Industry Veterans, Renowned Senior Marketing professionals, Senior Economists, Law Experts for having detailed technical discussions to devise the strategies to implement this smart initiative.

The proposed initiative is of great significance because of current global and Indian scenarios.
On the global front, major electronic conglomerates are shifting their production bases from “Republic of China” to other Asian countries, and India needs to act on war-foot to take the advantage of current scenario.
The second most important factor is, as mentioned by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, it is high time that we become self-reliant and convert this COVID-19 crisis into our opportunity and take the advantage for betterment of this country.

I strongly affirm, establishing “Global Electronics Manufacturing Hub” in India by acting swiftly, we can bring the great benefits to our nation.
“It is a humble request from me, who has worked as Semiconductor Industry Technology professional for more than 20 years and am ready to serve in whatever little way I can for this great intiative. I firmly believe that above thought can be materialized under the leadership of highly vibrant Minister Shri Dr. C. N. Ashwathnarayan ji”.

Thanking You Yours faithfully

Mallanagouda S Biradar

Engineering Post Graduate in Digital Electronics, Technology Industry Veteran, BJP member, RSS volunteer, Educationist and social worker.

Mobile number:+91-9902069873 Email.Id: mallanagoud

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