Covid-19 warriors from Ekya School raise INR 2.2+ lakhs for underprivileged children

Students to supply dry ration to over 1.7 lakh households

BENGALURU: Five students of Bengaluru-based Ekya School stand tall among Covid-19 warriors! The students of grade 9 and 11 have been able to raise over INR 2.2 lakh as part of a fundraiser campaign to provide dry ration and educational materials to the children from underprivileged sections of society.

Dia Sawlani, Anirudh Kudavelly, Richa Thyagarajan, Nandani Yadav and Govind P. Menon from Ekya School at the ITPL campus decided to do something different for society, especially children representing the deprived sections, considering the prevailing situation across the country.

Speaking about their initiative, Anirudh Kudavelly, grade 11 student, said, “We realised that we were so lucky to have shelter, food and supplies to meet our daily needs. At the same time there are thousands and thousands of children who did not have all these privileges like we have. So, we decided to do the least we can by helping them out.”

The students came up with a game plan and are leveraging the social media to mobilise support for their noble cause. The students are using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook platforms to drive home the importance of helping underprivileged children in such challenging times, especially when their parents, who are daily wage earners are out of the job. The students are also reaching out to people through WhatsApp appeals.

In addition, platform Ketto has been useful for the students in reaching philanthropists and donors. A message on Ketto states “the on-going nationwide lockdown has severely affected the livelihoods of marginalized communities, most of whom are dependent on daily wages for survival.”

Within five days, the students were able to raise INR 1 lakh from the public. Encouraged by the response, the students have decided to intensify their campaign to raise more funds to ensure that greater number of children from underprivileged sections of society are benefitted.

The students are currently interning with the CRY (Child Rights and You), the organization that works for the welfare of the children. This internship is further helping them to expand the scope of their initiative.

The students aim to raise INR Rs 10 lakhs to reach out to 200 households and children with a one-month ration and educational kits for children.

You can join Ekya School students in this campaign by visiting link:

City Today News



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