NUMAHANDS is a multiuse device dedicated to minimise transmission by contact-based exposure to communicable diseases

NumaHands is a multiuse device dedicated to minimise transmission by contact-based exposure to communicable diseases. It provides a contact-free medium to perform routine tasks.

Why NumaHands?

The pandemic COVID-19 has forced India and the world as a whole to combat incomparable humanitarian and healthcare crisis.

Simple activities such as grocery shopping, using the ATM, taking the elevator or even using workplace restroom, pose a threat of being exposed to surfaces that might have – been contaminated with infectious droplets. NumaHands provides individuals a contact- free medium to perform the afore mentioned activities in turn enhancing the standard of living.

Salient features of NumaHands

• Safe to handle and convenient to carry • Easy to sanitize – a simple solution of soap and water will do the trick • Safe to use on any surface • Can lift items weighing up to 10kg

Applications of NumaHands

• Control door knobs • Function keys on lifts and ATMS • Carry bags and other items • Operate switches • Run taps and operate flush knobs in toilets

*This product is not a substitute for hand glouse

*Usage of this product does not discourage hand hygiene

*Please follow healthcare guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health & Family Wellare, Govermment of India

For More Details Contact: Mrs.Sujatha | ANTASEVIS|+91 9620354709 Mail Id:

Delivery: Courier only (*terms and conditions apply)

Address:14, 2 cross, Giddappa Layout, Katappa Road, Kammanahali, Bangalore 560084

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