Our Government is committed for the welfare of migrant workers. Expenses of their journey to home states will be borne by the government – Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar

Bengaluru – May 23, 2020: There was a chaos in palace ground on Saturday where migrant workers from Odisha and north-eastern states gathered in large numbers to get back to their home states. Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar who was on his way to Chikkaballapur rushed to the spot and calmed down the situation. The minister interacted with the people of the Northeastern states and Odisha and said that there was no need for panic as travel will be arranged for all migrants at government expense. An appeal to Railway Minister for providing additional compartments will be made he said. Minister urged them to maintain social distancing and not to gather in large numbers.

There was confusion among migrants after thousands of people from Manipur and Odisha had gathered due to misinformation. 1500 people gathered to register themselves to return back to their respective states. A message via ‘Seva Sindhu app has been sent to all registered. But the confusion happened as people started forwarding the messages to others as well.

The minister, who was on his way to Chikkaballapur, noticed the heavy congestion near the Palace Grounds and rushed to the spot. He immediately spoke to the Chief Secretary and senior officials and instructed them to resolve the confusion. The Minister, who is also a Doctor, came to the rescue of Arshad who suffered fits attack. Dr.Sudhakar urged them to co-operate with the administration as Karnataka government is doing everything to send them back safely.

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