Prraveen Khumar N launches his first book – An Incredible Indian Rescue

Mani Bharathi, an IPS officer from the Intelligence Bureau of India, gets pulled into an emergency rescue operation to deal with a hostage situation of a Minister from the ruling party.

From a daring rescue operation to aggressive handling of the Press, Mani garners the attention of the entire nation into this mission, only to realize that the terrorists had been causing a diversion from something bigger. The cat and mouse chase begins, as he picks up the threads that would lead him to discover the atrocious act that awaited behind the flashy decoy the terrorists had conveniently staged.

With the events turning deadlier by every step, will Mani manage to pull off An Incredible Indian Rescue?

Prraveen Khumar is a Civil Engineer from IIT-M and currently works for Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Ltd as Country Head – Property Valuations. He is an avid book reader, a trained singer and a huge cricket enthusiast apart from being an excellent leader in his professional life.

The book also starts with a forward by Mr. Suresh Kalpathi, Chairman – Kalpathi AGS Group, where he talks about Prraveen and praises his efforts on his first novel and that too in first person and congratulates him on doing a brilliant job.  And that’s not all, the proceeds from the book will be sent to the Alumni Association of IIT Madras.



                                         E-BOOK – INR 120

City Today News



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