Samarthanam Trust announces Covid-19 relief measures to the disabled

Samarthanam Trust announces Covid-19 relief measures to the disabled

Differently abled Nandini, Sharath K, Mohan Kumar S, Santhosh Kumar M and Praveena D, who received cash help from Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, with Trust chairman Mahantesh GK, in Bangalore on Tuesday.

Plans to disburse INR 25 lakh monetary and ration kits; 2.5 lakh meals cooked!

While several state governments announced financial assistance to various sections of society impacted by Covid-19 related nationwide lockdown, the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has set an example by announcing monetary relief, ration kits, daily meals and other initiatives to assist the disabled community across the country.

Soon after the lockdown was announced, the Trust started identifying disabled people in dire need of support and chalked out an action plan to implement the relief work. As many as 14 cities are being covered under the relief work; 2.5 lakh meals were cooked and supplied while dry ration kits are being given to 11,000 people.

Commenting on the initiative, Mahantesh G.K. Founder Managing Trustee, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, said, “Often, the disabled community loses representation during such relief work simply because the awareness level is poor or they are not prioritised. Instead of highlighting this lapse, we decided to help ourselves by raising funds from philanthropists and charity organisations. In extremely difficult times like these, putting cash in the hands of the deprived people is the greatest need of the hour.”

“More than 400 disabled people in various categories of differently abled community have been selected to receive monetary assistance. The funds (INR 25 lakhs) were released by GiveIndia, the largest and most trusted online donation platform in the country. Samarthanam Trust is in the process of disbursing the amount by crediting the amount directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries,” he added.

Differently abled Nandini, who received cash help from Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, with Trust chairman Mahantesh GK, in Bangalore on Tuesday..

Identification of the beneficiaries and direct transfer of amount is being made possible as Samarthanam Trust has data on differently abled community. A beneficiary in rural area will receive INR 5,000 while a beneficiary in an urban area will receive INR 7,000 as monetary assistance.

In addition, 11,000 dry ration kits are being distributed to many other beneficiaries. In response to COVID-19 crisis, the Trust is distributing 8,000 PPE (personal protection equipment) and health kits to doctors and health workers in 10 hospitals. About 100,000 masks are also being distributed.

This is just the first step by the Trust, as Covid-19 changes the world landscape. Samarthanam Trust, the most trusted partner in this caring of the differently abled, plans to expand its activities in phases.

Several beneficiaries of Samarthanam’s initiatives expressed their gratitude on the occasion. Santhosh Kumar M (20), Praveena D (21) and Sharath K (22), all men with low vision from urban areas and visually impaired Mohan Kumar S (26) from rural area thanked Samarthanam for helping them when they needed it most. Likewise, physically challenged Ningaraju (20), Dyamangowda (20) and girls Kavitha (21) and Nandini (22), all from rural Karnataka appreciated Samarthanam’s well-thought relief measures.

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