Poker For a Cause – Arjun Rampal, Team PokerHigh and Team Mamut Communications came up with a novel way of generating funds for local charities while poker players played their favorite sport

While there are numerous charities being promoted in our country in its battle against Covid-19 there are numerous other deserving local charities that don’t get much visibility and are at the frontlines of the battle.

Poker, now a recognized sport combines a mix of mind skills and patience. During the lockdown it would only make sense for seasoned players to practice social distancing and take to the game online.

In going vocal for local, Arjun Rampal, Team PokerHigh and Team Mamut Communications came up with a novel way of generating funds for local charities while poker players played their favorite sport.

Within 2 short weeks and with the help of an influencer campaign the initiative was launched in Bangalore and Chennai. Some of the key influencers for the 2 cities were

Aviva Bidapa and Megha Kapoor for Team Bangalore and Cary Edwards and Sameea Bangera for Team Chennai.

Team Bangalore chose to support their charity CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) CUPA was the first-ever animal shelter of it’s kind in Bengaluru set up in 1991 by Miss Crystal Rogers. She wrapped up a life in England to take in suffering animals & provide a safe space for healing and happiness.

Team Chennai supported Pudhiya Udhayam which was founded in 2016 with a purpose of assisting people in their time of need. At the front-lines of cyclones, floods and now Covid-19, over the past few months they have assisted over 10,000 people with funds, food and medicine.

The Initiative ran for 2 very exciting weeks and Rs. 2,11,228/- was generated for these deserving charities.

Arjun Rampal Note: Due credit needs to be given to all our people at the frontlines in our battle against Covid-19. It goes without saying that when we put our minds together as we do in poker, we can all do our part to help our fellow brothers and sisters. 

 POKER HIGH:, established in May 2015, is a 100% legal and licensed online poker company, with a mission of growing the mind sport of poker in India while establishing it as both an entertainment choice and a viable career option. As poker’s popularity continues to surge in the country, PokerHigh is well-poised to further accelerate the game’s growth across India.

MAMUT: Mamut Communication is an Influencer management agency established in 2019. To influence, all you need is the power of truth. Let the truth be told and the truth #BeHerd.

That’s simply who we are and how we live.


DURATION: 22nd May – 07th June 2020


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