A first-of-its-kind initiative aims to impart academic curriculum along with the knowledge of Indian traditions and values of emotional sensitivity and stability
A pioneering initiative for the academically inclined children
A school which values emotional and intellectual safety of the child where parents are an integral part of the school
Child sensitised, well-trained, strong and intelligent teaching team with graduation and post-graduation from psychology and humanitarian science
Takes new age schooling to unparalleled heights with its child sensitivity module

India, Bengaluru, June 12, 2020: TALC (The Alternative Learning Community), India’s pioneering Child Centric initiative from an Indian entity founded by Latha Gangadharan, today announced the launch of country’s first-ever “EQ-based Mentoring Initiative – New Age Schooling”, a child centric & child sensitized education centre in Bengaluru. This unique program caters to children with both regular and special needs in the age group 4 to 18 years. Their “B-M-I” model (“Body- Mind-Intellect”) helps the child grow into a smart and happy individual with strong EQ & intellect.

The admission of the child is based on the both the parent and the child’s abilities – the parents’ conviction and acceptance of their child’s uniqueness and desrie to be respected and understood and thereby mentored in a way that suits the child.

At TALC, we respect and value human sentiments; we firmly believe that social and emotional involvement/engagement plays a vital role in the child’s overall development and learning. Comprising a team of experts in the area of child sensitivity, supplemented with strong research findings and a never-stop spirit, they’ve found the root of the problem to be emotional detachment from the process the child engages in, thereby negatively affecting his learning and academic progress. This is where our Child Centric education comes in, as the focus is ultimately on what matters the most – the child.

Identifying the gap in today’s education, TALC brings a new and innovative manner of delivering the NCERT curriculum and caters to the need of their children by developing their self-esteem, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We Indians have found international success and are global leaders because of the high EQ and intellect inculcated from the early stages. Moreover, our tagline – “I am who I am! “ – reflects the very purpose of this initiative, that is to be emotionally available to each and every child and ensure they are personally understood, mentored and guided to evolve as a powerful individual with a diverse skillset. This includes certification from two boards – NIOS & IGCSE, for which they would appear for their certification exams as private candidates. TALC steps in to facilitate the child to be fully prepared for the exams with the required ground work and conceptual clarity at the highest level.

Children with emotional difficulties tend to face challenges in learning. It is therefore TALC’s BMI model addresses this very issue. A first-of-its kind, TALC with its highly sensitized group of mentors and teachers, all from the field of humanities and psychology face only one challenge – their students never want the day to end!

Talking about the launch, Ms. Latha Gangadharan, Founder, TALC, said, “We are excited to officially launch this brand-new initiative which has been developed based on the current needs to create meaningful education that integrates not only the child and teacher but also parents and other experts who are deeply committed towards the child’s progress”.

She added, “Keeping the current situation in mind, we have taken an alternative step and introduced ‘Personalised Online Classes’ in order to provide need-based solutions to our children. Despite any obstacle that comes our way, we focus on the mission of delivering personalized, child-centric education to our students”

We understand the range of concerns that parents are facing in this pandemic situation and do not wish for the continuity of their child’s education and progress to be one of them, solidifying the mission in their hearts of delivering resourceful, quality and personalized education to their children.

The regular classes are scheduled to commence in August 2020 and application and prospectus would be available in the TALC Administration Office until June 30th 2020. Admissions close by July 25th, 2020.

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