Right in the middle of the COVID-19 WAR ZONE!

As mankind advances, the threats to mankind find their dark pathways towards progress too. Cancer is such a disease that has advanced with technology, and in the present scenario, it has become more of a mental malady. The very first effect of this bad bug is seen on the patient’s mental health rather than physical. Hence looking after disease with team of Doctors ,Counsellors, & constant monitoring of emotional well-being of the patient is of paramount importance. And this was identified by Dr Ashu Shah. An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist,a Doctor & Director-Asian Pink Ribbon , in 2007 she started free medical camps in many orphanges & visited many orphanages like Swanthana Home for Cerbral palsy & Humanitarian Hands where service became her passion.

Dr. Ashu shah is one of ths Indian Eminent philanthropist served tirelessly to various organizations, for the underprivileged, especially in health and sanitation areas.
Working in an array of philanthropy projects for years, she took up the bigger responsibility in 2009 as a Board Trustee at MYshah Healthcare Trust and since then has supported the surgery cost for underprivileged cancer patients.
She said “The word Philanthropy is derived from greek word philanthropos meaning “Man Loving “. How much better world would be if we truly inculcated this notion of philanthropy into our lives. Giving Back to society & community enriches our Lives ,makes us physically& emotionaly strong more over if we involve our younger generation to Social services their demands from family also will become less.

Apart from cancer care she has extensively worked towards providing medical aid during the Kashmir flood as well as Chennai and Bangalore floods. She has been in the fore front during the latest pandemic that has hit the world by storm. Providing ration, masks, sanitizers, medical care and educating the masses about the care to be taken for COVID, she had been one of few who has been there head on Cancer patients , COVID 19 infected patients.

There are tons of myths doing the rounds and Dr Ashu, tirelessly works in educating everyone. As well all know that sanitizing our hands, wearing a mask and social distancing is paramount, Dr Ashu shah says people take it for granted.
According to her this should be the norm going forward too. She feels that in a situation like this, we need the help of Epidemiologist than bureaucrats taking decisions for
millions of citizens.

She strongly feels though we all live in a country ruled either by democracy, capitalism or communism, in the end the victory is only going to be of humanity. Being together, being one, we will fight this earlier than later and be stronger than ever before.

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