TN Government’s recent order on lockdown:

1) Shops will be closed
2) Essential shops including vegetables, fruits, groceries, and fuel stations will be allowed between 6 am to 2 pm. People should not confine only within 2Km to purchase essentials.
3) Autos, Taxis will be allowed only for emergency
4) Eateries are allowed function between 6 am and 8PM, Only take away is allowed
5) Food Delivery allowed. Delivery representative should have proper Emp ID.
6) E –pass to go out from Chennai will be given only with proper supporting documents for marriage, death and health emergency.
7) Operation of trains, flights will continue.
8) 21st June and 28th June are the two Sundays will undergo complete lockdown without relaxations. Only emergency and essential services will be allowed.
9) 33% of employees except people from containment zone may come for work
10) No relaxations in containment zone
11) Tea shops should be closed throughout the lock down.
12) Amma Canteens will be kept open
13) Construction works can be carried out. Construction workers should be facilitated to stay near the construction spot. One time testing is essential for them.
14) Banks, Courts, Media can function.

This will be implemented in the Greater Chennai Police limit and several adjoining areas of Chengalpattu, Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts

City Today News



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