Parryware builds the first of its kind digital platform for buying bathroom products.

Chennai, 18 June 2020: Parryware, India’s largest manufacturer of sanitaryware products has announced the launch of a new digital initiative, ‘Parryware Safe-Buy. This online platform has been created to provide consumers with a digital solution for them to explore, indulge and buy Parryware products from the complete comfort of their home or work space , alone or together as a family.
The Covid-19 pandemic had caused a big impact on the consumer buying behaviour. Safety is the top most priority for customer now, when it comes to shopping. To help customers overcome this concern Parryware comes up with a timely solution to provide a completely seamless service to its customers on wide range of products and services,,

Parryware developed ‘Parryware Safe-Buy’. A digital platform that allows consumers to purchase and explore the wide range of Parryware products or select from the bathroom combinations that have been specially crafted at all price points. The platform also allows the users to connect with their nearest Parryware retail partners, contact product specialists to address any bathroom related queries over audio or video call and reach out to Parryware trained technicians or their nearest plumbing technicians for any of their bathroom related repairs or installations. The bathroom combos have been designed in such a way that for such a premium Indian brand, Parryware has a wide range of Bathroom Combos to choose from – starting at ₹ 6000 where you complete your entire bathroom needs to ₹ 1.3 Lakhs. These combos have been developed using analytics and popular models which the customers have preferred in the past.

Commenting on this launch, Mr. KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd said, “We are very excited to announce the launch of this new first of its kind platform in India. The platform may have been conceptualized due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we see it as a solution that goes beyond Covid-19. Today’s generation is extremely tech-savy and are able to find solutions for any problems through a click on their phones; we believe ‘Parryware Safe-Buy’ will act as the perfect solution for today’s generation. The platform connects users with over 10,000 official Parryware retail partners in India and over 25,000 trained plumbers and technicians. The platform also allows users to interact with our product experts over video call so that any of their queries can be solved in a matter of minutes! With this new launch, we are aiming to provide our customers with an enhanced shopping experience in the comfort of their own homes. Imagine a consumer who can just pick a bathroom combo from among hundreds of designer combos and talk to the Retailers and Plumbers to get the job done in a jiffy .. As a company we have also trained our retailers and plumbing technicians to effectively reach out to customers and service them giving a touch free solution”
The Parryware- Safe Buy platform is live on the official website of Parryware:

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