Dolby On supports Live-streaming for Android and iOS

Earlier this year, Dolby introduced a free music and video recording and streaming app- Dolby On in India. The app comes with an interesting live-streaming feature for both Android and iOS users that easily record and live stream audio and video with superior Dolby sound quality by using just your phone, letting you capture the moment when it strikes with unmatched simplicity.
The feature can be used easily in the two following ways, first through its indigenous Twitch integration and second through RTMP (real- time messaging protocol). With the latter, you can live-stream to more platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. wherein you have to choose “Custom URL as your connection option, then copy and paste the platform’s streaming key and RTMP link and just go live!
Dolby On listens to the sound coming in and automatically applies audio effects like compression, EQ, limiting, noise reduction, stereo widening, de-essing and more. You can further edit the sound with unique sound “styles” – like photo filters in Instagram, these allow you to apply sonic profiles to your recording. Thus, enabling creators to record and livestream, both audio and video, with exceptional Dolby sound from the comforts of their home, without having to go to a studio.  
Here are some Pro-Tips to the make most of the Dolby On App.
For video, frame your shot by setting up your phone or tablet, and ensure your space is lit properly. For audio-only recordings, you should experiment with phone placement to get the right mix of sound sources (for example, capturing the right balance of your voice and guitar.)
Check your levels and keep an eye on the in-app level meter if you’re in the red, reduce your volume or move the phone further away to avoid clipping.
Should you be using the live streaming feature, make sure you have your Facebook or Twitch feeds available nearby on a separate device so you can view feedback and engage with your viewers in real time. While live streaming will work from a good cell data signal, we definitely recommend a strong WiFi connection for best results.

Note: with Dolby On, you can still use your favorite external phone mic setup, all while taking advantage of the apps powerful processing.
Dolby On is available globally for free. To download the app, please click on the link below
(Android) –
(iOS) –

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