Tragic death of an IAS officer “SHRI VIJAYA SHANKAR”

“From Shankar Bidari’s Facebook Wall”

Tragic death of an IAS officer .,

I feel very sad to learn the news of SUICIDE OF SHRI VIJAYA SHANKAR , an IAS officer of Karnataka cadre. May his soul rest in peace ..

  1. I earnestly appeal to all All India Service officers and Heads of Departments. Please don’t do any thing in violation of Law and Rules , at the instance of Political Masters . Please don’t hanker after any postings and pay any money including astronomical sums for postings . Political Masters are thick skinned, they collect 90% of your illicit earnings , treat you as slaves and you alone will be answerable to all your sins and mistakes . They will never shed a tear for you and will never own responsibility and never care for what happens to you and your family. In rare cases , when they go to Jail they go in procession and when they return they will be welcomed with crackers bursting and Aarati into their homes . Never be afraid of them, as at least 75% of them are morally bankrupt and most lecherous and greedy , selfish, rank corrupt , beings without an iota of regard, concern for the State , Nation and Soceity. They behave as if they went to Kashi Yatra or Tirumalai Yatra .. But you , mostly coming from middle class families and educated , have sense of shame and regard your honour. You cannot suffer the humiliation of arrest and interrogation. Worst they can do is to transfer you .., So please don’t do anything in violation of Laws and Rules , to please your Political Masters and don’t ask for any postings . Otherwise you will be invite ignomy and eternal infamy and grief to you and your family and family name . Be firm . Nobody can do anything to you . Right until your demise , Government is bound to take care of you with your pay, pension and family pension . Let this tragedy wake you up and keep you vigilant for the rest of the period of your service .

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