Chief Minister’s Meeting Regarding Covid-19 Situation in Bengaluru City

  1. Officials were directed to take necessary steps for immediate admission of patients who are tested positive. They should not be kept in waiting for long. Currently 100 ambulance vehicles are available and it was decided to enhance the number as and when required.
  2. Ministers were directed to hold a meeting with Private Hospitals regarding providing treatment in Private Hospitals.
  3. To ensure availability of beds in hospital, according to the increase in Covid 19 cases, it was decided to provide treatment to moderately symptomatic in Covid care centres and asymptomatic in Haj Bhavan and Private Hotels.
  4. It was decided to create a digital platform to provide real time information about availability of beds and details about beds allotted to patients, to avoid any kind of confusions.
  5. Currently, the recovery rate in the state is 61 per cent and there are only around 3700 active cases.
  6. Chief Minister directed officials that Departments should work in coordination to reduce inconvenience to people.

City Today News



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