McDonald’s India ushers in the era of dining with its ‘Golden Guarantee’ of 100% Safe, 100% Delicious brand experience

Mumbai, June 29, 2020: Over the last many years, the iconic McDonald’s Golden Arches have brought joy to many small and big moments of your life. Today, as the world steps into a new normal the Golden Arches are all set to welcome you back with a Golden Guarantee of 100% safe and 100% delicious brand experience. As a part of its ‘Golden Guarantee’ proposition, Westlife Development, the company that owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India has elevated its already world-class safety and hygiene practices across its delivery, take-out, drive-thru and dine-in service platforms. It’s the brand’s promise to ensure that all their customers and employees will be a 100% safe, every step of the way.
Here is how the brand is bringing alive the promise of Golden Guarantee

McDonaldsGoldenGuarantee for Safety

Temperature check and hand sanitization for all customers and employees entering the restaurants
Social distancing markings at ordering counters, collection counters and kitchens
Alternate table & chair seating arrangements within the restaurants
Aarogya Setu app compulsory for all employees and customers coming to the restaurants
Hand sanitizers are being made available at all customer touchpoints, and in the dining area upon request
Contactless ordering being facilitated through digital menu cards sent on Whatsapp or through QR codes
Contactless and cashless payments being ensured at ordering area, takeaway counters and drive-thru through UPI or Tap n Pay option
Customers being given option of table service or self service, at select restaurants
All employees being given access to masks and gloves to wear while working along with global standard sanitizers to use

McDonaldsGoldenGuarantee for Hygiene

Regular sanitization of high-touch surfaces including door handles, self-ordering kiosks, tables and chairs
Restaurant lobbies being cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals
Food trays being sanitized after every use
All washrooms being sanitized every 30 min
All kitchen equipments being sanitized every 4 hours
All employees thoroughly washing their hands for 20 seconds every one hour
Delivery bags being sanitized before the rider uses it
Single use only’ policy being followed to maintain food packaging hygiene and safe handling of condiments, tissues, stirrers etc.
Separate kitchens, equipment, utensils, and cleaning cloths being maintained for veg and non-veg food, as always
Mandatory FSSAI and McDonald’s trainings being conducted for all employees on prevention against COVID-19

McDonaldsGoldenGuarantee for Food Safety

Food being prepared and served without being touched by bare hands
In-store dining, take-out and delivery services being carried out in a completely contactless manner
Ensuring 100% traceability for all ingredients used in the McDonald’s food
Highest food preparation standards being ensured with extra attention to food hygiene including source tracking, kitchen sanitization and regular food safety audits
Trucks carrying goods are being fumigated before entering
Full-cover body suits are being worn by all employees and visitors at the premises of select suppliers
Regular assessment of suppliers and their food is being conducted for complete safety
All employees handling food in the suppliers’ kitchens stand within the social distancing markings created for them

McDonaldsGoldenGuarantee for Delicious Food

Food being prepared freshly once the order is placed
The freshest locally sourced ingredients are used in the food at McDonald’s

Speaking on this Golden Guarantee by McDonald’s India West and South, Smita Jatia, Managing Director, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd. says “Outstanding Quality, Service and Cleanliness have always been the hallmark of our business. In the current scenario, we completely understand the concerns and anxieties of our customers. With our promise of Golden Guarantee, we are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure complete safety for both our customers and our employees every step of the way. It’s our commitment and assurance that while you enjoy your favourite McDonald’s food, we have got you completely covered.”
McDonald’s India West and South is renowned for the world-class dining experience that they offer since their inception in the country and the Golden Guarantee is another way of upholding the trust of their customers. Last month, the brand had implemented a 42-pointer checklist to pave the way for the future of dining and further tighten safety for customers and people across their operations.

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