Ola enables in-app ‘tipping’ globally, to help customers appreciate their drivers

●     The new feature allows for customers to directly reward drivers who are delivering a safe, high quality ride experience

●        Drivers will retain 100% of the tip to benefit from the additional earnings

Bangalore, 30th June, 2020: Ola, India’s leading mobility platform and one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies, has rolled out a global feature for customers to express their gratitude and independently reward drivers for going the extra mile to deliver a safe and high-quality ride experience. Through Ola’s new in-app ‘tipping’ functionality, customers can now include a tip as a token of appreciation for their drivers’ commitment to providing a great ride experience and encourage their efforts towards delivering the same. The feature has been rolled out to all Ola users across India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

As restrictions eased across the country, driver-partners serving on the Ola platform have been going above and beyond to deliver safe, hygienic and high-quality rides. Apart from following a comprehensive safety protocol and sanitising cars after every trip, drivers have taken extra steps personally to keep themselves and their families safe. In this scenario, the in-app tipping feature serves as an opportunity for customers to reward drivers for going the extra mile, and contribute to increasing their earning potential. Customers can choose to voluntarily tip their drivers and the amount will be credited to the drivers’ account in its entirety as part of the regular earnings cycle.

Driving awareness around this, Ola has also launched a social media campaign, #SayThanksWithATip, which seeks to recognise and reward those drivers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a great ride experience while drawing a spotlight on their efforts.

Anand Subramanian, Spokesperson at Ola, said, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, our driver-partners worked tirelessly to enable essential travel for all those in need, despite facing their own challenges. As services resume, they continue to personally invest in ensuring the safety of their customers and deliver a comfortable ride experience. Linking rewards to higher-quality services, we invite our customers to join us in sharing our appreciation and supporting them during these trying times. Not only will the new functionality provide an opportunity for drivers to increase their earnings but will also showcase how a small gesture of solidarity and support from customers will drive our driver-partner community to go a long way.”

Starting today, the cashless tipping feature will appear in the final step of the payment phase and will allow customers to select a fixed or customised amount that will translate to higher earning potential for these drivers. Available across all categories, the new functionality will benefit Ola’s 2.5 million+ global driver community.

In April this year, Ola Emergency was launched to enable essential medical trips to and from homes to hospitals and vice versa across 25 cities in India. The special service saw hundreds of drivers across the country braving the odds to offer essential mobility services to citizens while following the highest standards of safety and hygiene. 

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