Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka Ensures Safety of Employees through Precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 spread

Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka Ensures Safety of Employees through Precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 spread

Bangalore, 08 July, 2020: Vedanta Iron Ore has put in place measures to help mitigate the risk from coronavirus to employees and their families. The measures are intended to provide greater security to the employees by restricting the spread of the virus. The company has taken plentiful precautionary measures to fight this pandemic. Vedanta as a responsible corporate is fully committed to the safety of people, their families who are extended part of the Vedanta family and the communities.

Mr. Krishna Reddy, Director, Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka Business said, “As per MHA guidelines, the company has resumed limited operations subject to necessary precautions as mandated by various advisories being implemented for a safe working environment. We are taking all responsible actions and mandated safety protocols issued by various authorities in order to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. We are providing utmost care to the safety of people working with our company. Life of people is of extreme importance for us and will always remain our furthermost priority.”.

Mr. Prasanna HP, Assistant Security Officer, M/s Walson Services Private Limited (Contractor Company) said, “Our team is stationed at the Iron Ore Karnataka Business to ensure a safe work environment for the people in this extraordinary situation. The initiatives taken by Iron Ore Karnataka management ensures workers’ safety inside office premises. The whole system is set in place by the management and all the employees adheres to it. The management has also provided our team with PPEs to restrict the spread and for us to carry out our duties without any chance of infection.”.

The biggest challenge faced by Iron Ore Karnataka amid the pandemic has been to motivate employees and keep the work momentum going with limited operations, limited workforce and maintaining all health protocols viz social distancing, use of PPEs etc. The company is ensuring strict adherence to precautionary measures.

Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka is taking the following actions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19:

· Enhanced facility hygiene practices including increasing the frequency with which high touch surfaces are cleaned. Safety precautions including supply of sanitizers, protective gears, masks, regular temperature checks and recording of all the work force at the Entrance Gate and availability of 24×7 medical support for further course of action if there is any abnormality found in the workers. Hands-free hand wash basins are located at all entry gates and hand wash facilities spread across all the worksites.
· The residential doctor at Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka distributes triple layered masks on a daily basis and has provided personal sanitizer bottles that have to carried every day (strict checking is done) for the safety of the employees, contractors and workmen working at the mines. Working during these times can be highly stressful, the residential doctor conduct awareness sessions on the importance of mental health.
· Ensuring minimal gathering and social distancing protocols at workplaces. To ensure the social distancing inside the company premises is been maintained, a team of 3 ESM Security Personnel’s in 1st & 2nd Shift and circles are made at Sesa 01, Canteen area, Gates and attendance reader installed locations.
· Providing employees with flexibility around work schedules and recommending that they work from home, to the extent feasible and appropriate. Direct and indirect employees residing in affected and suspected have been asked to not report to work & there has been no denial on their salaries. Additional commute buses operate to maintain social distancing during travel to work.
· Verification of the travel history of workforce has been initiated by the company before an employee is re-joining the company along with a declaration in prescribed format. All essential business-related travel has been restricted for all the employees. Quarantine facility has been made available at a dedicated company apartment and those arriving from other states are tested for COVID-19 with a swab test & are quarantined mandatorily for 14 days.
· To ensure safety, security and wellbeing of our stakeholders, especially our communities and employees, Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka handed over a drone camera with tablet to the Office of Superintendent of Police, Chitradurga to assist them to safeguard the people of the district in the pandemic. Provision of drone camera will benefit business continuity and safety as it guarantees proper surveillance and assures a safe environment for our employees, contractors and workmen to work, commute and live in.
· Fumigation and sanitization in the Mines facility and transportation are being done on frequent basis. Continuous awareness on the situation and preventive measures are being conducted for direct and indirect employees via tool box talks and virtual platforms.

In line with Vedanta philosophy of care and community welfare, Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka Business has also been working in close- coordination with the Office of District Administration of Chitradurga, to help them in providing necessary infrastructure and provisioning of protective equipment across COVID- 19 medical facilities in the district. Apart from the contribution of Rs. 201 crores by the Group Chairman Mr. Anil Agarwal to combat COVID-19 pandemic, Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka has donated Rs. 1 crore each to the CM Relief Funds of Goa and Karnataka state government.

Vedanta Iron Ore at Karnataka has always had a symbolic relationship with Chitradurga Community for many decades and in this critical situation the company has handed over 10 ICU cots and 10 Multi- Para Monitor to the District Administration set to be installed at the COVID – 19 Relief District Hospital along 500 sanitiser bottles, 2500 triple layer N95 masks, 500 personal protection kits and an ambulance for emergency medical facilities. The company has also, handed over 3400 ration kits to the District Administration Office to help them be well prepared in the current situation. Besides this, Vedanta Iron Ore at Karnataka distributed 2600 three layered cloth masks to police officers, health workers and the community people across Chitradurga district handmade by local SHG women over the course of two weeks.

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