Gear up for India’s biggest home sporting event with MTV Home Games 2020

~ Catch all the fun on MTV India’s social media pages starting 23rd July, participate by submitting your entries on VOOT and watch the finale on MTV ~

National, 16th July 2020: Excitement, nervousness, edge-of-the-seat adrenaline, and the rush of watching our favorite team win! Since the outburst of the pandemic, we have all missed watching sports LIVE. More than just being a source of community joy, sports inspires us and adds an unmatched drama in our day to day lives. But 2020 had its own plans. As the wait to watch sporting events seems far from over, MTV brings to its viewers a breather with a crazy blend of games, drama and entertainment. MTV Home Games 2020, starting 23rd July, every Thursday at 7PM Only on MTV India Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, a one-of-its-kind game show, blends the power of social media, digital and TV, to bring the live action of sports for you, from your living rooms!

Ever heard of Twerk Aasans? Did you ever think Channa Ve could be more than just a peppy number? What if you were told that Chullu Bhar Paani could be a coolmeasure of fun? Or thatyou could be the OG Chimti Chameli, leaving behind everyone else?Well, these are some of the quirkiest tasks in MTV Home Games 2020 that promises to make it an experience unlike any you have had before. MTV Home Games 2020 will hit the ball out of the park, by giving you a chance to make your daily lockdown tasks, fun and sporty. Streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages of MTV India, with the finale on your home screens on MTV, the show will have some of our favorites from the MTV FAM monitoring all the fun tasks performed by the contestants. So now, you can twerk in a downward dog position while doing surya-namaskar, and squat while having a spoon in your mouth with a lemon on it, and more, to impress the likes of Rannvijay Singha and Varun Sood, along with many popular faces from Squadrann– an Indian Sports-entertainment collective, founded by Rannvijay.

MTV Home Games 2020 will kickstart with Rannvijay announcing it on social media on 16th July, along with a list of 18 categories for sports fanatics to participate in. The champions of the Squadrann panel- television’s charming boy Dishank Arora, ace athlete Archis Patil, fitness enthusiast Shweta Mehta, professional acrobat and dancer Milan Verma, fitness and yoga enthusiast Jay Bodas will add their own tadka to these challenges, while introducing the tasks. Contestants can then choose a category, perform that task, and send in their entries on VOOT. Post levels of scanning, shortlisted videos will make it to the finale episode to air on MTV, where the Squadrann panel will review them and choose the most entertaining one. The winner will be awarded with a bunch of curated exciting hampers from JCBUrban Monkey and Sock Soho.

Speaking about MTV’s funky twist on sports, Rannvijay Singha said, “With everyone locked up in their homes, not only are we missing out on the rush of sports, but also the spirit it manifests. But I have stuck to my sporty instincts even during this period as fitness is the need of the hour. The best part about MTV Home Games 2020 is that it is a perfect mix of sports, fun and entertainment. It’s a super cool concept, spiked with an adrenaline rush. I look forward to witness some great talents and skill sets on the show and celebrate the true spirit of sports, virtually, as a community.”

Varun Sood, co-host cum champion, adds, “As a big sports fan, I always find myself attracted to anything that’s related to games and challenges. Fun and fitness is an ideal combination for me and MTV Home Games 2020 fits in right there. Together with Squadrann, it’ll be interesting to witness some of the weirdest tasks. Despite the challenges in the current scenario, it’s great to know how MTV is consistently trying to keep the baton for entertainment high with newer concepts and formats. I’m really excited to be part of this fun and quirky experience.”

So, get set to play “out of the box”, quite literally, and hop on this sporty ride with MTV Homes Games 2020, only on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. And don’t miss the finale of MTV Home Games 2020 on air, on 13th August at 7PM only on MTV.


1. Twerk Asana: Twerk in a downward dog position while you do surya-namaskar (sun salutation). The highest number of twerks in 40 seconds wins!

2. Channa Ve: Stand at a distance of 10m and dunk as many channas into your friends’ mouth as you can in a minute. You will (a) Win (b) Provide fiber to your friend in abundance

3. Chipkoo: Take a piece of paper, make it wet, stand at a distance from a wall and throw that paper on the wall. Your projectile should be such that the paper needs to stick. Maximum wet paper rolls to stick to the wall in a minute, will help you win. Both MTV’s Home Games 2020 title & a slap from your mom. So, clean up afterwards to avoid the latter.

4. Nimbu Squats: Squats while having a spoon in your mouth with a lemon on it Easy peasy lemon squeezy?

Do 50 in a minute. Drop that booty, not the lemon.

5. Saree Not Sorry: Only for men. How quickly can you drape a saree? Challenge is to drape in 60 seconds! We dare you to say why women take so long to get ready.

6. Chullu Bhar Paani Main: Suck in water from a bucket directly into your mouth and discharge it in a 1L bisleri bottle in 30 seconds Take a close-up of the bottle & we’ll judge the rest.

7. Utha le: The person needs to pick a paper bag (with 2 apples) with his mouth placed on the floor, hands-free with balancing on one leg. Just like a yoga pose. The maximum number of times you pick a bag in a minute makes you win

8. Nimbu khatte hain: Cut a lemon into 4 pieces and bite into it. Now do this again, again and again. Yes, 4 times. The first person to finish it can arrange for his own dash of salt & comfortably gulp down 2 bottles of Vodka to even things out.

9. Javed Plankhtar: Ever heard of a mix of brawns and brains? Maybe you have one. Just hold an elbow plank for 2 minutes and write ‘ghar kea age jeet hai’ The person who writes our tagline the maximum number of times, wins!

10. Deal or Noo-dle: Crush the noodles and spread them on a flat surface. Then count the noodles. If you do that accurately in 1 minute. You win!

11. Chimti Chameli: Have bees ever stung your face? You can now experience that and have a chance to win simultaneously! Clip as many chimtis as you can on your face in a minute. Hold it for 10 seconds. The one with the maximum chimtis on their face, wins!

12. Hawaizaade: Channel your inner Ishaan Awasthi and make as many paper planes in a minute as you can

13. Altaf Maharaja: A humble tribute to the 90s chartbuster- Tum toh thehre pardesi. Sing this song as fast as you can

14. Chumma de: Look into your front camera. And blow kisses without taking your eyes off the lens. Keep staring. The minute you blink, you are out.

15. Breathless: Read as many words as you can in a minute. That’s it. Simple.

16. Mehel ho patton ka: Poker nahin palace. Make a card castle and the person to make a 5 tier card castle in record time, wins!

17. Pants down: You think when girls walk with books on their head to practice ramp walk is funny? Balance a book and try to wear your pants. The quicker you are, the winner you will be.

18. What’s the plank?: Simple. Hold a plank between two chairs. Or push it a little and challenge Ajay Devgn by holding a plank between two cars. Obviously don’t do that with moving cars. The weirdest spaces for the plank take the cake home.

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