CM convenes meeting about Bengaluru covid management

Bengaluru, July 17,2020:Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa today convened a meeting with in charge ministers of 8 zones of BBMP regarding COVID management in the city.

During the meeting he directed them to remove all obstacles in admission of infected to hospitals. He directed them to ensure availability of treatment to COVID as well as non-COVID patients in private hospitals according to government guidelines. He advised them to make sure about the admission of asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic to COVID care Centres or home quarantine them so that hospital beds are made available to those who are in dire need of treatment in hospitals.

CM directed to conduct rapid antigen tests for the dead and take necessary steps to handover the body or conduct last rites according to guidelines. He directed them to conduct rapid antigen tests to those who died at home and facilitate the family to conduct last rites sooner.

On this occasion CM clarified that lock down is not a solution to contain COVID and there is no such proposal to extend lockdown in the city.

Vacant posts are being filled to avoid lack of doctors. Volunteers have been identified in each ward and ambulances have also been notified. If private hospitals refuse admission, he directed them to take stringent action. Nodal officers and volunteers would be deputed to private hospitals to ensure smooth coordination and to provide information about admissions and bed availability.

He alos informed that Marriage halls and hotels are identified in each ward to quarantine people who cannot go on home quarantine due to lack amenities in their homes.

He directed to conduct more number of tests across the state and also to depute more number of police personnel to avoid crowding in certain places.

He directed to decentralized bed allocation system to zonal level and closely monitor and ensure bed allocation and arrival of ambulance to the doorstep of the infected within two hours of being tested positive.

He also directed to give priority for the admission of symptomatic people above 65 years of age and asymptomatic to be admitted to covid care centre.

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