Watch Sir David Attenborough’s debut series Zoo Quest in Colour only on Sony BBC Earth

We were rebels”, said Young David Attenborough 66 years ago as he stepped into the world of natural history to bring one of the most pioneering and groundbreaking series – Zoo Quest. First broadcasted in 1954, Zoo Quest showcased the diversity of our beautiful planet by visiting parts of the natural world, as well as remote tribal communities, that were not filmed before.

Not only did it change the way viewers saw the natural world but also launched Sir David Attenborough’s career as a wildlife presenter. 6 decades later, Sony BBC Earth brings a rare opportunity for his fans to re-visit Sir David Attenborough’s early adventures with ‘Zoo Quest in Colour’, and here’s why you shouldn’t miss out:

  • Launched 10 years before colour television even became available, Zoo Quest was originally broadcasted in black and white. However, using extraordinary 16 mm films, the series is now available in all colours and shades of the natural world
  • Coupled with behind-the-scene stories from David Attenborough and cameraman Charles Lagus, this series showcases the best of Zoo Quest in stunning HD colours for the very first time. Sir David reveals how they captured the incredible sequences back then and how the advancement of technology has enhanced our understanding of the natural world now
  • Sir David Attenborough was only 28 years old and Lagus 26 when they began filming the series and travelling to West Africa, Guiana, and Indonesia, in search of creatures to take back to London Zoo. They faced number of challenges and nerve-wrecking situations all through their journey
  • While filming Komodo Dragons on a remote island in Indonesia, Attenborough and Lagus faced a fatal situation and were stuck into a whirlpool when the boat they were travelling in hit a major tropical storm

Lagus describes the dangerous situation as: “Quite honestly neither of us were sure that we would ever see each other again, it was that dicey.

Sir David Attenborough, remembering the old days said, “They were good days and I wouldn’t change them. Looking back, I don’t think anyone would let two kids in their 20s just go off like that and nobody asked us anything about health and safety or anything else. We just disappeared, and they said, when will you be back? Oh, just before Christmas, I think. Oh right-o, goodbye. So happy days.”

Watch the early adventures of Sir David Attenborough, the Godfather of natural history, in ‘Zoo Quest in Colour’ on 19th July at 9:00 pm only on Sony BBC Earth.

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