EuroSchool Whitefield students ‘Drop Everything And Read’ with Indian storytelling prodigy Saivi Singh

Bangalore, July 24, 2020: In a first of its kind, EuroSchool flagged off its national event D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read Programme). The flagship program which aims to highlight the importance of reading books was conducted in a virtual mode this time due to lockdown. The webinar which was attended by 400 participants- children and adults- was full of inspiration and motivation to inculcate reading into our lives in a big way!

This year, the virtual webinar was led by Nine-year-old award winning story teller and child prodigy Saivi Singh, who walked everyone through her journey of achievements arising out of her voracious reading habits right when she was a toddler, driving inspiration for young student to adapt to book reading. She also followed up with an enchanting storytelling session and shared some book titles that are great reads for this age group. She also focussed on her tried and tested tips with the attendees.

EuroSchools strongly believes in the concept of “Books being a child’s best friend”. EuroSchools understand the importance of reading in one’s life and plans interesting activities around the year to inculcate the love for reading books amongst its student from an early age. In the current pandemic scenario, it’s even more essential to make sure that children maintain mental well-being by constructively engaging & spending time in activities like reading books. These types of events promote positivity among students and parents alike.

Every year, over 20,000 students across the 11 EuroSchools across the country participate in the ‘Drop Everything And Read’ Programme to inculcate the habit and love for reading. The annual Drop Everything And Read Programme at EuroSchools aim to encourage children to enjoy reading content other than their school textbooks. EuroSchool Libraries offers a varied range of books that kids can read to promote this program and encourage maximum participation.

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