Dr. Ashu Shah appeal people not to stigmatize Covid virus disease like (Cancer ,T.B patients were stigmatized in the early stages of the disease) rather provide moral support to patients

Dr.Ashu shah a senior consultant & Director of Asian Health care

Dr.Ashu shah is working diligently to protect Cancer patients and senior citizens from deadly COVID-19 virus and Cancer / oncology treatments to reduce the burden on hospitals.She is Supporting poor economic senior citizens.She has more than 500 plus Doctors support for night Emergencies Who are serving to all communities , needy and vulnerable section of society. on ways to reduce the unnecessary crowd in the already overwhelmed hospital.

Dr.Ashu shah said Covid virus is one of the greatest challenges faces between medical & scientific advancements for all of us since the start of this pandemic it has really hit all of us hard. Being a Doctor me my team havn’t stopped their treatment Since covid started we are so proud we saved / touched thousands of lives, And “She said cancer patients should not discontinue or stop the treatment, they should strictly focus more on treatment, they should not panic by taking treatments otherwise disease may get worsen and aggressive.” On an average Cancer patients who are currently going through the treatment gets steriods (Dexona ) before the chemo, are not more susceptible to the covid virus, they might likely to get complications because of their underlying Health condition. Pallative & terminally sick people who are prone, they are likely to get affected on virus because of agrressive nature of disease. To avoid the risk of covid infection cancer patients & thier families should strictly follow all measures advised by WHO Hand wash, hygiene, Mask anf physical distancing, Also should take double precautions not to venture outside their house unnecessarily .

Sobita Rani a Lung cancer survivor Asian health care said, I am lung survivor. Lets not stigmatize any diseases, I was a cancer patient doesnt mean that its end of life she also said Thinking how tough days went with great support of Dr. Ashu shah she is an angel and saviour to many. Having cancer is not the end of life. I’m a warrior of Lung cancer a victor & I feel myself very fortunate as they have sponsored my oncology treatment free of cost. she was my ray of sunshine when I was lost in the darkness. May God give you strength and blessings to help warriors of life like us. We should break the taboo dont stigmatize any diseases i want to say everyone as a victor iam proud to say that i am stronger than earlier. Let’s celebrate world lung cancer day together, stay strong and stay safe, An appeal from Sobita Rani.

Dr. Ashu Shah apeal people not to stigmatize covid virus disease (Cancer, T.B patients were stigmatized in the early stages of the disease) rather provide moral support to patients,
Break the stigma and taboos as it is no more a deadly disease.
and such patients should be treated equally.

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