Bangalore Based Dairy Venture MilkLane Launches Nutrinos – A Category Innovation with First-Of-Its-Kind Dairy Product For Kids

Nutrition-positive ready-to-eat dairy product Nutrinos has been developed keeping in mind the nutritional needs, taste and preferences of kids in the age group of 3-8 years

BENGALURU: MilkLane announced the launch of Nutrinos, a new category of ready to eat dairy product that caters to the nutritional needs of kids and help with their growth and development. Keeping in mind the unique palates and preferences of kids’, Nutrinos has been formulated with a kid-friendly recipe that is loved by kids and approved by moms. As part of the launch, celebrity mother Raveena Tandon and Gaurav Haran, CEO, MilkLane introduced the product, its benefits and how it will make it easy for kids to get their daily dose of nutrition.

Top Left-Celebrity Mommy Raveena Tandon, Bottom Left- Mr Gaurav Haran, CEO, MilkLane, Bottom Right- Ms Ranjani Raman, Dietician and Paediatric Nutritionist

Nutrition deficiency among children is a key concern for Indian parents including the more affluent ones. With Nutrinos, MilkLane aims to provide a wholesome fresh dairy-based protein, calcium, and vitamin rich food option that kids will enjoy. It has been developed by dairy and nutrition experts across India, Switzerland and Germany using choicest of high-quality ingredients – milk, real fruits, good bacteria and more.

Adding on a scoop of fun, the brand’s message of health is also supported by three mascots- Vita, Calci, and Proto who add a relatable and educational connect with kids by teaching them the importance of nutrition, while encouraging moms to let kids #GrowUpEasy.

Sharing her thoughts on the innovation, Ms. Nikita Chavan, Category Lead for Nutrinos shared, “The product will be available in a novel kids’ friendly format at an attractive price of Rs 50 – pack of two cups of 50 gms each. It can be consumed as a part of breakfast, or a lunch accompaniment, a 4 PM snack, or even with dinner. We are also launching the brand’s maiden campaign, ‘Grow Up Easy’ which will be led by our three fun animated characters Proto, Vita and Calci, and digital mommy stars. The brand has been designed to bring forward the benefits of Nutrinos in a fun and engaging, kid-friendly manner.”

Raveena Tandon, Celebrity Hands-on Mom, shared, “As a mom, I’ve realized that kids are indeed fussy eaters and take to food that is more visually appealing, fun and tasty. However, nutrition is key and this is something that worries most moms today, including me. I believe that Kids today need to #GrowUpEasy, healthy and happy and as moms, we need to support their growth and development in a way that appeals to them. I am happy to be associated with Nutrinos from the house of MilkLane, a tasty dairy brand enriched with essential nutrients that is formulated keeping in mind the taste and preferences of kids’.

Speaking about this development, Mr Gaurav Haran, CEO of MilkLane stated: “The launch of Nutrinos signifies MilkLane’s quest to reimagine the dairy offerings in India and provide truly innovative and world-class products to our consumers. Nutrinos is the result of more than 18 months of rigorous research and development by experts from across the world with more than 100 years of food product experience between them. Nutrinos is made from MilkLane’s already established best-in-class high-quality milk that is safe from antibiotics and toxins. Our state-of-the-art production and packaging lines follow international safety and hygiene standards. The product is manufactured completely untouched by human hands. It’s currently available in strawberry flavour and will soon to be introduced in banana and mango flavours.”

Thomas Kunz, former CEO of Danone Dairy, a global dairy brand as well as a board member and strategic adviser for MilkLane said“This is a significant step for MilkLane to establish its presence in kids-consumer space. With Nutrinos, it introduces a product range to India that has been loved by kids across many countries and is well proven to provide healthy nutrition. This category is fast growing globally. Evolving tastes of urban Indian consumers, coupled with increasing spending power, augur well for this category to grow in India. Nutrinos launch is not only a win for MilkLane, a dairy producer that exemplifies new-age global dairy production standards in India, but also for our 5000+ farmer community who have joined us in the journey of creating high-quality milk products of international standards in India.” 

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