Pain in your shoulders and back? Tips to deal them at home

Dr. Nataraj H M, Senior Orthopaedic consultant, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur road.

Most of us are working from home because of the recent changes around us. Hunched to our beds or dining tables for long hours while working is the new trend since the onset of pandemic. With increased stress levels and little space for movements, work from home has opened doors for many of them for back aches, shoulder pain and neck sprains.
While many are suffering with minor sprains and aches related to our spine, there are few suffering from excruciating pain related to other parts of the spine. And this ache can be very severe if it is shooting from the lower spinal area. Well this specific pain that shoots from your buttocks regions and goes all the way down to your legs is called sciatic pain or sciatica.
With simple lifestyle changes one can control inflammation and pain caused due to it. Below are few tips that can be adopted-
Adapt good posture- A good sitting posture and a platform to place your laptop/desktop while working is the most important aspect in preventing shoulder pain and backache. A comfortable chair with back rest or an ergonomic chair is essential when you are sitting for long hours for work.
Regular exercises- Back and shoulder strengthening exercises like planks and deep stretching of shoulder and spine can play a major role in developing a healthy shoulders and back
Improve the condition through nutrition- Have a rich diet which contains major nutrients, fibre and immunity building foods. The diet should include grains, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts, omega foods like fish and turmeric (as it controls inflammation).
Massage your body- Massaging body relaxes a person, which in turn releases endorphins. These hormone reduces the perception of pain and massage improves blood circulation and soothens the sored areas.
Get proper sleep- With improper sleep patterns, the stress levels of every person can shoot up. But this can effect more to people with this pain. A proper restorative sleep can help to relax your muscles and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Keep your mind calm- Too much of stress can always increase the inflammation, resulting in more pain. Practising meditation, breathing exercises and simple yoga forms will reduce stress and controls pain.
Use hot or cold packs- Applying ice in a wrapped towel or applying hot water bag at the lower back does reduce the pain by relieving the nerve.
Take counter medication- Doctor prescribed medication can be used to relieve the pain.
Usually, dealing with shoulder and spinal issues can be quite difficult. With proper life style such issues can be prevented and the condition can be brought into control as well. If the pain persists despite following the above measures, then consult your doctor for further treatment.

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