Rainbow Children’s Hospital launches “Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic”

Rainbow Children’s Hospital launched “Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic” to treat epilepsy among kids on Tuesday. This will help in clustering care and services for children with Epilepsy.

Epilepsy cases in children have a wide spectrum. While some of them may not even require treatment, there are cases which respond poorly to treatment. Sometimes prolonged seizures can require ICU care also. Hence, it is important to identify the type of epilepsy and initiate appropriate treatment at the earliest. These types of dedicated centres for kids come with better experience and investigations. This will help in identifying and treating such kids more efficiently.

Some of the common reasons for epilepsy among kids are due to brain malformations, insults to the growing brain in early childhood and genetics. Epilepsy in children has unique characteristics and treatment strategies, which are different from adults. Unfortunately, many kids end up having over or under diagnosed, with inappropriate treatment and poor symptom control. The Rainbow Children’s Hospital’s “Paediatric Epilepsy Clinic” will help to appropriately diagnose and treat children with epilepsy. Dr.Prabhjot Kaur, Consultant Pediatric Neurology from RCH said that Epilepsy was treatable in 70-80 pc of children with medicines alone. “What is required is an awareness of the broad spectrum and unusual manifestations of epilepsy in children so that we can effectively treat them to provide the best outcomes; and this is what we will strive to do at Pediatric Epilepsy clinic at RCH,” she added.

Speaking to the media, Rainbow Children’s Hospital vice-president and Bengaluru cluster chief Mr Neeraj Lal said, “Children are less likely to experience symptoms related to seizure. Epilepsy clinic will help to diagnose the disease among children on time and our dedicated team will help to start the treatment accordingly.

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