Karnataka Drug probe: “Is being a minority a tag for protection” – Minister Sudhakar

“Is being a minority a tag for protection,” Minister Sudhakar asks

Medical Education Minister takes a dig at Zameer Ahmed Khan

Requests Siddaramaiah to not protect anyone

Hon’ble Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar asked if being a minority is a tag for protection or an id card, reacting to Congress legislator Zameer Ahmed Khan statement. The legislator had alleged that he is being targeted for being from a minority community, and a Muslim.

Speaking to media persons after attending a Teachers’ Day celebration at Chikkaballapura, he said the BJP government will secularly take actions against whoever is found guilty in the drug probe despite their financial status, community or religion.

Responding to Congress leader Siddaramaiah’s statement that the BJP Government is misusing drug probe, he questioned that why didn’t the previous Government take action against drug mafia. He stated that the government will take action no matter how powerful the people are and said that Chief Minister and the Home Minister have taken important steps towards the same.

Minister Dr Sudhakar requested Siddaramaiah to cooperate with the Government to put an end to the drug mafia in the state and said the leader must not protect anyone or let anyone to escape from the government’s probe.

The Minister said that to protect the youth from the drug absue, strict regulations must be introduced in the state. The society will be affected if the youth are not protected and led in the right direction, he added. Taking a jibe at Confess, he said perhaps the Congress party has taken the drug probe lightly.

Dr Sudhakar said that awareness is being raised regarding drug abuse in Chikkaballapura district.As many as 20 areas near the district border were raised where 20 people were arrested and 60-kg marijuana was seized. A detailed probe is being conducted in this regard, he added.

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