Leed Gold Certification for Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway

Bangalore October 1, 2020 : Orion Mall @ Brigade Gateway is the first mall in the country to receive a LEED Gold Certification under ARC Existing Building category. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. The certification system provides a dependable framework for assessing a building’s degree of compliance with global environmental protection and sustainability standards. Some of the chief parameters that determine a building’s rating include energy expenditure, water usage, carbon dioxide emission, waste management, indoor air quality, etc.

Orion Mall was able to get the certification due to its highly-efficient operational structure that prioritizes sustainability and utilization of green technology over traditionally more cost effective solutions. “I’m proud to say that the Brigade Orion Mall in Bengaluru is setting high benchmarks for other retailers to follow.   This certification is the result of truly exceptional performance by the mall facility team through consistent upgrading and maintenance of facility systems along with strict adherence to environmental protocols.” declares Selvarasu M, LEED Fellow & Managing Director from LEAD Consultancy, who works as a sustainability consultant for the mall.

Even with receiving sizable number of footfalls on a regular basis, the mall has consistently excelled at maintaining the eco-friendly dimension of the overall infrastructure. In view of the extensive range of businesses operating with the mall, this feat is considerably more impressive. Manu R, General Manager – Facilities & Technical Co-Ordination opines “I believe the key to our success as a standard-bearer for eco-friendly operation is our no-compromise attitude. We invest in the best equipment, employ personnel with high degree of expertise and keep abreast of latest developments in green technology that facilitates our pro-environment operational goals.”, Shashie Kumar, COO – Retail said, “Our endeavour is customer-centricity combined  with the focus of sustainability in our day-to-day operations.

”Being Responsible Socially is a Core Value for Brigade. We are constantly exploring for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the operational efficiency of our malls. We invest in technology that helps us save water, reduce electricity consumption. Start-ups from our Brigade REAP program such as WEGOT and Clairco have helped us achieve this.  ” says Nirupa Shankar, Executive Director at Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

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