Experiencing Mahatma Gandhi’s life through Augmented Reality

Unique homage by 4Point2 Tech company on Gandhi Jayanthi to educate public/children about the Mahatma

Bengaluru : There have been several experiments in presenting Mahatma Gandhiji’s ideals, principles and message to the world in the past. For the first-time ever, the public were able to experience Gandhiji’s life through Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that enables an interactive representation of a real-world environment enhanced by perceptual information, leading to an experiential learning and understanding.

Bengaluru-based technology enabler, 4Point2 Technologies, today paid homage to the Father of our Nation on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi in a unique manner at the Mahatma Gandhi Park on MG Road. By harnessing AR, the company provided an experiential understanding of Gandhiji, his message through music, speeches, images, documentaries, movies and a 3D projection, all enabled by a smartphone! The preview for the media was followed with the AR being opened to the general public through their smartphones.

It is for the first-time ever that Gandhiji’s life was presented through AR, which bridged the gap between the past and the present. The public, especially the children, were able to understand Gandhiji’s life and values through this experiential learning, which will continue to be available until October 10. All that they have to do is download the ‘MarkAR’ app on to their smartphones.

Speaking about this unique homage, Kumar Shiva Kumar, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, 4point2 Technologies, said, “Gandhiji is part of our collective conscience. He stood for peace, non-violence and self-reliance, all of which are relevant even today. He believed in action as progress and that inspired us to provide this experiential learning about him using our ‘MarkAR’ augmented reality app. This is our homage to the greatness of a man whose philosophy guides India even today.”

4point2 Technologies’ initiative received appreciation from various sections of society. Sri. C.T. Ravi, Honourable Minister for Tourism, Kannada and Culture and Youth Empowerment, Government of Karnataka, said, “We are in an advanced technological era where everything is smartphone driven. 4point2 Technologies’ attempt to present Gandhiji’s life through AR is a positive initiative, as the public and especially children will understand the great leader in an interactive manner, which will be effective.”

M J Srikant, Strategist & Director, 4point2 Technologies, remarked, “Gandhiji was a great strategist; be it the Dandi March, the Champaran movement or the civil disobedience movement, he embedded humanity at the forefront of every action. He captured the imagination of the nation like no other leader through his innovative ideas in tackling the colonialists. His strategies are still relevant in the present context and are used worldwide. We couldn’t think of paying homage to Gandhiji in any better way.

In a special message, 102-year-old HS Doreswamy, who was 23 when he plunged into India’s freedom movement said, “Gandhiji saw technology and machines as complementary to human effort. Gandhiji’s dream of an Independent India was to make all Indians contribute towards nation-building, keeping aside personal ambitions and greed.”

Madhu Chander D, Founder, CTO, Director & VP, 4point2 Technologies, pointed out that AR opened new vistas for a wide range of applications across sectors. “In today’s digital era, AR can play a vital role in not only reaching out to key audiences, but providing experiential learnings that will last long and impactful. Today’s attempt was to demonstrate the capabilities of AR that spans every sector impacting our society .”

How to Celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with markAR App
According to Darshan S, CEO and Director, 4point2 Technologies, anyone with an Android smart mobile phone can download the AR app MarkAR from Google Play Store. The app will bring to life Gandhiji’s messages, images, speeches and movies in AR. Gandhiji’s Ram Dhun ‘Raghupati Raghava….’ that became famous during Dandi March and the bhajan composed by Narsi Mehta ‘Vaishnava Janato’ are also part of the AR experience. Those with high end smartphones equipped with a gyroscope will have the advantage of seeing Gandhiji and listening to him at any location in front of them by scanning the ground surface.

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