Tributes to World Class “Netra-Dani” (Sight-giver) Padmabhushan Dr. M. C. Modi Ex.M.L.C.

Mallanagouda S Biradar Korwar from North Karnataka region Vijayapur district has delivered the speech by addressing Veerashaiv-Lingayat Leaders who were assembled at SharanSeva Samaj Rajajinagar Bangalore dated on Monday evening, 05th October 2020 on the event of Dr. Modi’s Life achievements and his Smaranotsava.

Dr. M. C. Modi, The “Great Architect in Eye Surgery”, one of the”Eminent Eye Surgeons in the World”, “Wizard of Surgical Knife”, King of Eye Operations”, Pioneer of Mass Eye Surgery”. Dr. Modi's name is recorded in the Guinness Book of world records for having conducted more than 7 Lakhs of Eye Operations and had examined One Crore of eye patients.

Now it is our binded, ethical and moral duties to protect, sustain and develop such a great eye hospital for continuation of service to future generations.

In the event mainly Veerashiav Lingayat Community Swamijies and Veerashaiv- Lingayat Leaders were present in the meeting.

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