Managing Arthritis during COVID times

By Dr Chirag Thonse,Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru

Bengaluru, October 11,2020: The ongoing COVID-19 not only affected our emotional well-being but has also seen an impact on our physical health due to reduction in mobility, daily physical activities and increase in body weight. This inactive lifestyle has a direct effect on joints as well as the bone health. While COVID has limited movement outdoors, people need to be aware of other potential health issues and take measures to avoid health complications like Arthritis. Those already diagnosed with the condition need to be watchful as well. 

Arthritis is caused due to reasons like aging, bone quality of patient, heredity etc. Arthritis patients need to be active with indoor activities like stretching exercises and yoga at home. If in a gated community, walking or stationary cycling at home can help keep the joints supple. Restriction of Joint movement leads to stiffness and pain and reduction in daily activities leads to muscle cramps, which is quite troublesome for arthritic patients. The patients suffering from arthritis require care and regular check-ups to manage the disease. Patients with early onset or with mild symptoms should also take precautions and ensure regular consultation for disease management.

While there is no proven connection between COVID and arthritis, post-viral arthralgia may be seen in patients, which is a case with any kind of viral infection. The best way to ensure that you keep the disease at bay is with regular knee and shoulder exercises and it is utmost important to keep your weight in check as it will help in keeping your muscles and joints fit. Consumption and antioxidants and supplements and keeping healthy state of the mind is the right approach in arthritic patients during the pandemic.

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