Successful Heart Valve Replacement Without Surgery By Meitra Hospital

Meitra Hospital successfully replaces heart valve without surgery

Kozhikode : Kozhikode based Meitra Hospital’s team of highly qualified cardiologists at the Centre for Heart and Vascular Care has once again set a new benchmark for the state of Kerala, when they successfully performed the Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation on a sixty-six years old man, the first of its kind in the state. The procedure is currently being conducted only at a handful of hospitals across the country.
 The patient, who had a previous record of having undergone a prosthetic mitral valve replacement (MVR) in 2008, presented with recurrent heart failure on account of valve dysfunction; the blood flow instead of moving forward into the arteries flowed back into the chambers of the heart thereby risking his life immensely. The procedure lasted nearly three hours and was completed successfully without any complications by the team led by Dr. Asishkumar Mandalay, Chairman of the Cardiology Department. Apart from Dr. Asishkumar, other members in the team were Dr. Sajid Yoonus, Dr. Anees Thajudheen, Dr. Shreetal Rajan Nair and  Dr. Smera.
“The Centre of Excellence for Heart and Vascular Care at Meitra is one of the most advanced Cardio-vascular facilities in South India. Our Robotic Hybrid Cath Lab ensures smooth conduct of such state-of-the-art procedures. Patients usually start walking within few hours of undergoing the procedure. Our team is dedicated to giving quality treatment to patients while being mindful of the cost that they may incur. We strive constantly to bring innovations that not only improve clinical outcomes but keep the costs down as procedures such as these can be prohibitively expensive”, apprised Dr. P. Mohanakrishnan, CEO, Meitra Hospital.  
“This latest procedure conducted at the hospital has placed Meitra as a destination of choice for those suffering from debilitating heart conditions requiring valve replacements, not just for Kozhikode but also for the entire state of Kerala. 
The patients no longer have to travel to distant places to seek high quality yet cost-effective treatment options. The centre in recent years has seen a huge rise in the number of procedures involving valve replacements, placing it as a veritable leader in the state”; remarked Dr. Ali Faizal, Advisor, Centre for Heart and Vascular Care.Meitra Hospital’s team of qualified cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are committed to delivering highest level of care and precisions within the technically superior environs of the facility. 

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