‘It’s A Girl Thing’ attracts Speakers from across the Globe for India debut

~ International personalities Liza Koshy (US), Merrell Twins (US), Robert Swan OBE (UK), Wendy Ong (US), and Wengie (US) join the line-up for IAGT India ~

India, October 2020 : Building on the success in Singapore and the Philippines and taking it to the next exciting stop on it’s global journey, It’s A Girl Thing India is all set to host a roster of international artists and mentors well suited to entertain and inspire an anticipated audience of millions of young women. Brought to India for the first time by Zee Live in partnership with internationally renowned events company Branded, the three-day virtual festival aims to empower, inspire and connect young women.

With an existing line-up of popular celebrities, creators, advocates and social media influencers from all over India, the festival has announced the participation of well-loved International personalities like Liza KoshyMerrell Twins, and Wengie. Also joining from across the oceans are climate change educator Robert Swan OBE – the first person to walk to both Poles – and Wendy Ong, President of Tap Music which represent some of the most acclaimed female music artists of today. With this powerful mix of local and international talent there are multiple conversations and opportunities that will open up for young women at IAGT India – a one of a kind festival designed to empower and inspire.

Speaking on their association with IAGT, identical twin American YouTubers, actresses, musicians and singers, Veronica and Vanessa Merrell said “We truly love and believe in what It’s A Girl Thing stands for. The smallest initiatives taken toward uplifting and empowering women have a positive, long lasting effect. In today’s world, women are achieving great things and are acting as promoters of change.

It’s A Girl Thing is a much-needed initiative aimed at encouraging girls around the world and helping them realize their true potential.

American actor, producer, and creator Liza Koshy said “It’s A Girl Thing is an excellent platform for girls around the world to use their creativity and talent to become movers and shakers. Without a proper platform, creators like myself miss the opportunity to share stories with a global community. I am excited to see that It’s A Girl Thing is now in India and I am grateful to be a part.

“It’s A Girl Thing empowers women to truly be themselves through inspiring stories and useful advice from women around the world with a diverse set of experiences. I am so happy to contribute to the current and future independent women of the world. I can see this being a platform that will contribute to nurturing young talent”, said Wengie, musical artist and YouTuber/creator.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. It’s A Girl Thing and the 2041 Foundation have the chance to create action now. Starting with India and spreading across the globe, this initiative brings together young women from all backgrounds to become the next champions of climate change and leaders in sustainability. We must use opportunities such as It’s A Girl Thing to join our efforts for the preservation of our planet” quoted Robert Swan, OBE–UN Goodwill Ambassador for Youth and the first person in history to walk to both Poles.

It’s A Girl Thing India will be live on Facebook (@iagtindia and @iagtlive) 7.00pm-9:30pm IST on October 16-18, 2020. The three-day virtual festival will feature talks, panel discussions, performances and conversations around various subjects including Music, Health, Environment, Education and Self Love.

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